Rosalía’s boyfriend: Are Rosalia and Rauw Alejandro dating? Confirmation on Insta

Recently, Rosalía and her new rumored boyfriend, Rauw Alejandro, are seen together in public. Her public appearance seems to confirm their relationship. Her fans are happy with the news. Let’s find out more about them in this article.

Rosalía and Rauw Instagram confirmed the relationship-

Instagram of Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro

Once, anything is put on Instagram. He never deletes himself from social networks. After months of waiting on the part of their fans, finally, the couple confirms their relationship on Instagram. Rosalía’s first post about Rauw was on September 25. She is celebrating her 28th birthday then. Rosalía posts some cozy selfies and photos with her new boyfriend. She posted a blessed caption on her birthday post. Last month too, the couple is seen holding hands.

Who is Rauw Alejandro-

Rauw Alejandro is a 27-year-old rapper and singer. He was born in 1994. The stage name of the singer is Afrodisiac. In 2020, he is in the running to win the Latin Grammy for Best New Artist. He has around 10 million followers on Instagram. In her girlfriend and her photos, Rauw Alejandro shares some intimate moments with her.

Fan reaction on his confirmation-

For a very long period, fans are waiting for confirmation of their relationship. One fan tweeted: “I can’t get over how cute Rosalía and Raw look together oh my god.” Another fan joked: “Gabriela posted bad bunny and Rosalía posted Rauw. Is it officially handcuff szn? Should I post my boo too? It seems that fans are excited about the news and are expressing their happiness through their various cheerful comments and tweets.

Who is Rosalia?

Rosalía is a Spanish singer and songwriter. She discovers her interest in music at a very young age. she graduated from Higher School of Music of Catalonia. Her first successful single was in 2019. On this single, she collaborated with J Blavin. About seven million copies are sold. The Billboard also recognizes it as the best song of the year. This song leads to many great successes for Rosalía. Her list of awards is very long. In her career, she won the following awards:

  1. 8 Latin Grammy Awards
  2. 3 MTV Music Awards
  3. 2 UK Music Video Awards
  4. 2 consecutive Noise Award.
  5. Rising Star Award

He also became the first Spanish singing act in history to be nominated for Best New Artist at the Grammys, which is also quite an achievement in itself. All these awards and achievements show how successful you must be. That’s why his followers are also huge. And his fans always want to take a look at his personal life.

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