Robbie Williams pays tribute to Shane Warne at the AFL Grand Final

Robbie Williams made the crowd roar when he dedicated a song to Australia’s biggest rock star, Shane Warne.

Here is everything you need to know.

Robbie Williams pays tribute to Shane Warne

Robbie Williams took to the MCG stage on Saturday ahead of the historic showdown between the Sydney Swans and Geelong Cats.

The English pop star sang her 1997 hit Let Me Entertain You to kick off the pre-match performance this year. Afterwards, she sang Rock DJ before releasing her most recent song, Lost.

Additionally, Williams went on to sing her rendition of the ballad Angels. He dedicated it to the late cricket legend Shane Warne.

The 48-year-old singer announced: “This next song is dedicated to one of Australia’s biggest rock stars, Shane Warne. Love you Warnie!

Additionally, the camera cut to the dais where Warne’s grieving children, Brooke and Jackson, were in the crowd.

If you didn’t know, Warne passed away earlier this year in March while on vacation in Thailand. He was 52 years old and died of natural causes.

Additionally, Williams paid yet another tribute to a different Australian legend. She dedicated You’re the Voice to John Farnham.

The 73-year-old music icon recently underwent reconstructive jaw surgery. He underwent surgery last month to remove a tumor after being diagnosed with mouth cancer.

He currently resides in a rehabilitation center and his recovery is reportedly “moving in the right direction.”

However, it is unclear if Farnham will be able to sing or act in the future given the nature of her surgery.

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Fans react to Robbie Williams tribute

Fans have keeled over the internet after seeing Robbie Williams pay tribute to Shane Warne. They took to different social media platforms to share their feelings.

One fan wrote: ‘OMG. A tribute to Shane Warne. Singing You are the voice of John Farnham. Robbie Williams is money well spent. Good job, AFL.

A second said: ‘Robbie dedicating a song to Warnie and hearing the crowd sing along is amazing.’

Additionally, a third user shared, ‘Dedicating Angels to Warnie. Robbie just won the keys to the city.

Another chimed in saying: ‘Not Robbie dedicating angels to Warnie and the camera going straight to Brooke and Jackson warne.’

Meanwhile, someone else commented: ‘Robbie dedicates Angels to our own Angel. Warnie.

A different user mentioned: “Robbie Williams this is a stalemate of sorts dedicating a song to Warnie absolutely brilliant.”

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