Rick Harrison Net Worth 2021: How Rich Is The Pawn Stars Owner?

Richard Kevin Harisson, also known as Rick Harrison, is an American businessman and reality television star best known for his role on the show “pawn stars” which is about the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, Nevada, which airs on television on the history tv channel. He was born on March 22, 1965. The show generally focuses on unique historical elements. They buy, sell and analyze the items with impressive stories.

Pawn Star Show

Rick Harrison with his son Corey Harrison and Austin Chumlee ensure the originality of the articles. And try to negotiate to buy the item at the best possible price. Whereas, Gold & Silver Pawn Shop workers every day constantly call on outside specialists who will provide exquisite insight into historical items. And evaluate them whether they really are genuine antiques or not. But the interesting part of the show is that they all make fun of each other, which makes the show more wanting to watch. And that’s why viewers don’t get bored watching an intense business show. But instead of that, the atmosphere of the show is relatively friendly.

Rick Harrison Net Worth 2021
Rick Harrison Net Worth 2021: How Rich Is The Pawn Stars Owner?

Rick Harrison Net Worth

Rick Harrison has a net worth of $9 million, which includes both his real estate holdings, the gold and silver pawnshop, and his role on the television pawnshop. And most of his net worth comes from proceeds from loans made to Gold & Silver Pawn Shop clients. Also, per season of the Pawn stars show, he earns additional income of about $300,000. Sometime around 2005, he and his father were lending about $3,000,000 a year. And this loan earned them $700,000 in annual interest on the loans themselves. Plus, his Red Rock Country Clubhouse in Las Vegas, which he’s trying to sell, brings him nearly another $3.99 million.

Reason behind its success

Harrison is well known for his legendary master negotiating skills in purchasing historical items from buyers. And after buying them, he used them to resell them in his store. He forbids overpaying for any item in his store. And no matter how historic and unique the item is. When purchasing the item, he used various statements and used his negotiation skills to entice the buyer.

Eventually, the History Channel follows through on the idea and creates a very famous show that has spanned 17 seasons and 577 episodes from 2009-2020. And the most important ingredient to your success is your ability to make your business profitable. Although his strong negotiation skills have also led to his success. Furthermore, he noted in his 2003 appearance on Insomniac that a “lender with a heart is a lender out of business.”

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