RHOA fans criticize Kandi for revealing information about Marlo

On Sunday night’s new episode of RHOA, which aired on Bravo, Kandi was met with criticism from the audience. Kandi received criticism from the public for telling Kenya about Marlo (and vice versa). They argued that it was not her place to talk about them publicly.

Guess Who’s Coming to Blue Ridge, episode 10 of RHOA, began with Kandi and Kenya taking their daughters on a play date. As the children played, Ella confided in Kenya and shared details about Marlo. She revealed to Kenya that Marlo had occasionally had problems with her nephews and had to kick them out of her house.

The RHOA actress spoke about Marlo’s challenges with her nephews after receiving them, stating that they were comparable to the ones she faced with one of her cousins. After hearing what Marlo said, Kandi said she started crying because she couldn’t imagine telling her cousin to get out of her.

Kenya worried that Marlo was exacerbating the children’s trauma when she said she cared more about how they felt. Kandi confessed that Marlo should have put her feelings aside when she took in her nephews.

He informed Marlo that Kenya would not be traveling with them to Blue Ridge when he got home calling Marlo. Marlo, however, did not seem to be concerned about this and assured them that they would still survive their camping trip without Kenya.

kandi I was Criticized By Fans For Acting Dirty On RHOA Episode 10

Fans complained about Kandi on Twitter, saying that she was being “messy” and that she should have left them alone.

There goes Kandi again sharing other people’s issues, however, she had a problem when people used to talk about her and her spouse, noted one commenter.

Kandi really is telling all things about Marlo, claimed another user. In this phase, they interact with each other and do things. So I don’t care what Marlo says about Kandi. In short, they don’t get along.

Kandi messed up for telling everyone about Marlo and the boys, one user commented. She will reveal YOUR business FOR YOU, among other things.

Kandi, Kandi, Kandi, said another user. Stop giving Marlo the time of day.

Kandi doesn’t mind sharing personal information with anyone, according to another.

RHOA Season 14 Episode 10 Gives Additional Details On What Happened This Week

Marlo made the decision to take the ladies camping in Blue Ridge this week to help them unwind from their stressful week. Kenya informed her that she would not be traveling with them, but most of the RHOA stars accepted her invitation. Kenya, however, surprised everyone by showing up for the tour after the women had left for dinner.

She anticipated this, but Marlo was surprised. She got the impression that Marlo knew she was coming to Kenya, but she tried to keep it from him. It didn’t take long for her pleasant outing to turn into a conflict. Kenya said that she had her own apartment near her and that she would not stay with them instead of Marlo. However, the women admitted that they wanted Kenya to stay with them.

The women resumed their polite but frank conversation. Finally, Marlo told Kenya that she would love to stay with them. However, her Kenya would appreciate it if she didn’t accompany them on any more outings if she didn’t want to. Kenya was surprised, but she made a decision.

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