Rhapsody Apex Legends mobile release date: everything you need to know

Free-to-play shooter Apex Legends is coming soon with its new character Rhapsody. While the lovers of this game have long been waiting for updates about it. Currently we know that his new character is exciting everyone. Well, if you’re excited about where you can play this character from. So here are all the updates on it.

Read on to learn more about Rhapsody, a new character coming to Apex Legends.

Apex Legends: Mobile Season 2 Coming Soon

As long as you have the Apex Legends: Mobile Season 1 game in 2019 to play. It’s certainly been a long time since you got the other season. No doubt in between we even had the pandemic to stop everything. But now we have the release date of season 2.

So, excited gamers can expect Apex Legends: Mobile Season 2 to arrive on July 12 this year. So, there are only a few days left to have it to play. But yeah, most importantly of all, Season 2 has introduced another character to the game. Which you surely do not want to miss. But who is that?

Apex Legends: Mobile season 2 gets a new character

For all the avid Apex Legends: Mobile game lovers out there, Season Two introduces you all to Rhapsody. Yes, a female character full of potential to end boredom in the game. As the character comes for the first time in the game. There are many things you should know about her.

Rhapsody is a DJ in the game who would be accompanied by her friend Rowdy. Rowdy returns to being a robot friend of Rhapsody. Where Rhapsody is there in the game to earn money to help her family get out of debt. The most exciting part of this new female character is her powers.

As you receive it with the Gifted Ear, it helps to visualize the sound from an extended range. Hype Anthem helps her recharge shields and speed up squad members as the powerful track plays. Her next power is Rowdy’s Rave, which allows a wall of flashing light to interrupt incoming sight and scans.

Is Rhapsody available on other Apex Legends platforms?

Currently, we have this new Rhapsody character available only on mobile devices. Which makes him available for Android and iOS only as a “Mobile First” character. However, that’s just the update on that from July.

Therefore, you will always have the opportunity to get it on another platform in the future. But all you need to do now is wait for Apex Legends: Mobile Season 2 to be tested.

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