Reasons behind Kelly Clarkson’s departure from The Voice as Camila Cabello replaces her as coach

While NBC’s The Voice has always had an amazing judging panel and good contestants on the show, now Kelly Clarkson is leaving the show and giving her spot to Camilla Cabello. Well, yes, Kelly will no longer be the judge of the program, and in her replacement we have the icon of Havana, Camilla. But why is Clarkson leaving?

Read on to find out more about Kelly Clarkson leaving The Voice making room for Camilla Cabello to join.

Kelly Clarkson leaves The Voice judging panel

Kelly Clarkson is a busy professional icon. She while she served as a judge for the show and she also hosted her own talk show. This year we won’t have her seat on the judging panel for season 22 of The Voice. Well, Kelly has been associated with the show for a long time.

In fact, in season 14, he joined The Voice as one of the show’s judges. In season 21 he was also on the judging panel with Blake Shelton, John Legend and Ariana Grande. Meanwhile, we now also have Ariana Grande leaving the show.

Why is Kelly Clarkson leaving The Voice?

Kelly Clarkson has so far been busy with one professional job or another. While currently, she was busy with season 21 judging The Voice. We had her work for her talk show as well. However, now that she is leaving NBC’s The Voice for its 22nd season, here are the possible reasons for her departure.

Kelly is planning an American song contest with famous rapper Snoop Dogg. A 30-second trailer during Super Bowl Sunday also hinted at that. That’s where she would be now spending her time hopefully. Meanwhile, she too wished to take a break for some personal time.

Camilla Cabello will join in place of Kelly Clarkson

While in the upcoming season of The Voice, both Ariana Grande and Kelly Clarkson will be leaving the show. The duo’s replacement comes as Gwen Stefani and Camilla Cabello. Yes, Gwen will replace Ariana Grande in the next season of The Voice.

We would have Kelly Clarkson’s chair for Cinderella Camilla Cabello to occupy. In the meantime, we still need to know when season 22 will arrive. Not forgetting that Blake Shelton and John Legend would also be there as judges in the next season.

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