Rapper Kris Wu tried on rape charges

K-pop singer and idol Kris Wu has been accused of rape, according to Beijing media sources. The trial was held on June 10 at the Beijing Chaoyang District People’s Court, according to the Xinhua news agency. Given the stakes, the idol could face a sentence of three to ten years in prison if he is found guilty.

It is worth noting that the court proceedings were closed to the public to preserve the anonymity of the woman who accused Kris Wu of sexual assault. The court’s final decision will be announced soon, according to reports. Licensing is also one of the charges against Kris Wu.

Anyone over the age of 16 who frequently arranges or participates in group sex with three or more people is charged with debauchery. The charge carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison.

Flashback of Kris Wu’s arrest

Du Meizhu, a well-known social media influencer, previously accused the former EXO member in 2021. He had invited women home under the guise of interviews or auditions, he claimed. He then allegedly asked these women for sexual favors. On August 16, 2021, the Beijing police detained the Chinese singer on suspicion of rape. The police investigated him for more than two weeks.

He was questioned about allegations of sexual assault and threatening behavior. He was detained in a detention center in Chaoyang at the time. As a result, any content related to Kris Wu was removed from the Chinese media. The China Netcasting Services Association (CNSA) issued a statement in favor of streaming platforms like iQiyi in their efforts to remove the content.

The following was the statement:

“Works associated with Wu Yi Fan have been pulled from online streaming services such as Youku, iQiyi, and Tencent” (Kris Wu). When the issue initially arose, Tencent, which had a collaborative relationship with Wu Yi Fan, quickly canceled the deal and told him so.”

“According to our members’ data, 1.9 million short clips and 7,000 programs have been served as of August 17 at 10:00 a.m.,” they added. The work of reviewing and acting on relevant programs is currently underway. “Several platforms have been removed.” Wu Yi Fan’s work soon became popular on Weibo and generated a lot of buzz among users, resulting in wide public support.” As a result, the former idol member was subject to an outright ban.

In China, he was banned from live streaming and added to a list of 87 people.

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