Rapper Bow Wow Responds To Criticism Over $1000 Meet & Greet Ticket

Bow Wow is currently facing trouble on social media after he was criticized by fans for charging $1000 for a single VIP meet and greet ticket.

Here is everything you need to know.

Rapper Bow Wow Responds To Criticism Over $1000 VIP Meet & Greet Ticket

Rapper Bow Wow, whose real name is Shad Gregory Moss, is currently on tour for 2022’s The Millennium Tour: Turned Up. The festival also includes the likes of Keri Hilson, Lloyd, Bobby V, Day 26 and the Ying Yang Twins, among others. many more.

However, the 35-year-old rapper is facing criticism after announcing the price of the meet-and-greet tickets. There are three separate packages with the Gold one costing $150 while the Platinum package costs around $400.

However, the Diamond package is the one that is causing a furor on the network. It is the most expensive with a single ticket costing around $1000.

Meanwhile, as the debate over Bow Wow’s $1000 ticket raged on the internet, the rapper himself took to the networking site to take down the haters.

It started with, ‘My meet and greets starting at $150. They’re just reporting the diamond package. Stop acting like you’re running into me, it’s a stack. There are 3 packages you can choose from. READ BEFORE YOU START POSTING SHIT ON THESE BLOGS.’

Additionally, the Bounce With Me artist added, “You see, when I’m chilling minding my own business and staying off the grid, THEY STILL HAVE TO TALK ABOUT ME.” One week it’s ‘Bow Wow sells O2 arena, it’s a goat’ for who wants to meet him for $1k?’

Fans React To Bow Wow’s $1000 Meet & Greet Ticket

While the news of Bow Wow’s $1000 ticket spread like wildfire on Twitter, fans took their stand on the issue.

One fan said: ‘No Bow Wow charges $1k to meet and greet’.

Additionally, one user joked, “Lil Bow Wow charging $1K for a meet and greet in 2022 is crazy and I thought it was fake when I saw it.”

Someone chimed in saying, ‘Lol Bow Wow, better pay me $1k for a meet and greet.’ It will be the best financial advice you have ever received.

Regardless, some fans came to the rapper’s defense on the platform.

One fan wrote: ‘You all know that 10 people in almost every state are going to pay for that Bow Wow meet and greet, right? It doesn’t matter what year it is. And why do they have to try to mess with kids’ money for trying to be funny?

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