Rapper 600Breezy mourns the sudden death of his girlfriend Raven Jackson

The 600Breezy rapper is reportedly heartbroken after his girlfriend of two years, Raven Jackson, passed away suddenly. The rapper Don’t Get Smoked took to his Instagram account on Tuesday, September 6, to mourn the passing of his girlfriend. In a progression of posts, he revealed that Raven Jackson was reportedly struggling mentally for quite some time. I can never love again, the devastated rapper 600Breezy wrote in a post that also incorporated a photo of the two loved ones. Rapper 600Breezy confirmed Tuesday night that his girlfriend Raven Jackson had reportedly committed suicide.

600Breezy experienced harsh criticism as many felt it had something to do with the death of Raven Jackson. Trolls overwhelmed her and Jackson’s accounts and left messages about him, including her in his Chicago fight with NBA YoungBoy. However, 600Breezy shared that his girlfriend had mental health issues and he did his best to love, appreciate, and support his dreams. My baby was harmed and I did everything I could to show her her only love and make a big difference to her. I put everything into her and her business. I trusted her, I adored her almost too much, the rapper said that he is in public mourning. He shared how screwing up her death is for him and asked that people really take mental health seriously.

Rapper 600Breezy is heartbroken by the sudden death of his girlfriend Raven Jackson

Rapper 600 Breezy is grieving the sudden death of his girlfriend…plus, it looks like she died by suicide. 600Breezy just posted a tribute on social media for his girlfriend of two years, Raven Jackson, including photos of them together and screenshots of what appears to be a suicide note. Raven Jackson was a businesswoman with close to 300,000 followers on her Instagram account. She was the host of Real Talk with Raven, a show that emphasizes mental health and mindfulness.

She was also a model, running her health and fitness regimens through Go Crazy Fitness. The brand also sells sportswear and gym essentials. Raven Jackson was a resident of Auburn, Alabama. Her most recent post on her Instagram account was posted seven days earlier. She was seen working out in the gym, showing off her leg schedule. Rapper 600Breezy, who is heartbroken over the unexpected passing of Raven Jackson, shared several posts on Instagram.

In one of her posts, the star said: Baby, why would you do this to me? How could you do this to us? I was coming home, I promised you I would. Have you left me forever? Do you know how many people loved you, Raven? She shared a progression of beloved videos of them over the two years of their relationship. The best 2 years of my life… … @raven.k.jackson. God, I really love you, please help me, please. What did I do to deserve this? You took my friend and my girl??? he composed.

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