Ransom Retrieved By US From Hackers Via Colonial Pipeline Attack!

The United States recovered a large amount of ransom after it was confined by the Justice Department. In the last month, Russian Hacking Collective received a huge amount of money. But it was a move played by US Colonial Pipeline operators. They just wanted that money to go to the digital wallet so it could get there. After arriving there, the attackers gained access to the wallet and stole millions of dollars. But the recovered money was in cryptocurrencies. It turned out to be one of the largest colonial pipeline attacks in the US.

In the statement issued by the USThey said around 75 bitcoins, worth around $4 million, were tracked down and returned. The department said that before going to the wallet, the money was transferred through 23 different electronic accounts. It made it difficult to follow up, but somehow they managed to do it. Once the money passed through the accounts, it was deposited into an account that was easily raided by law enforcement officials.

Colonial Pipeline
Ransom Retrieved By US From Hackers Via Colonial Pipeline Attack!

The money that has been recovered has been kept safe now. “A large amount that was sent to the hackers has been recovered and kept in the accounts,” the officials said. The Justice Department was overwhelmed with the approach used by the Colonial Pipeline Attackers, as technology has transformed so much that it has become easy to track all systems. Officials said they have been working on the system to identify which accounts the hackers use to get the money. The judges have also issued an order that all money be seized from wallets and transferred to bank accounts. Cybersecurity is undoubtedly an important factor for all banks.

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