Rahman Jr applauds Paul for canceling fight

Hasim Rahman Jr. responds to Jake Paul’s response about canceling his fight. Before putting on their boxing gloves for a fight between Jake Paul and Hasim Rahman Jr., they had a battle of words on social media. Well, it seems that the cancellation of both Hasim and Jake’s fight has taken a different turn. Although now both blame each other for not having the fight.

Read on to learn more about Hasim Rahman Jr.’s response to Jake Paul’s response to their fight cancellation.

Hasim Rahman Jr. and Jake Paul had a fight this August

Jake Paul has become increasingly popular as a professional boxer. As his fight with his opponents always draws media attention. However, for the month of August, Jake Paul was supposed to enter the boxing ring with another iconic boxer, Hasim Rahman Jr. That was scheduled for August 6 at Madison Square Garden.

Unfortunately, it seems obvious now that it’s not happening. The reason why has not yet been clarified. As both sides ended the fight, they blame each other for its cancellation. While previously Jake Paul gave his reaction on the cancellation of the fight with Hasim. Hasim also came up with an answer that doesn’t match Jake’s answer.

Jake Paul’s reason for canceling the fight

Week before the fight between Jake Paul and Hasim Rahman Jr. could have happened, came the announcement from Most Valuable Promotions (Jake’s company) that the fight between Paul and Hasim will not take place. In addition, he also added that there will not be a new opponent and it will not be rescheduled either. Therefore, the audience that has tickets/PPV will get a refund.

The reason for the canceled fight first came from Jake. Where in a video he said that Hasim was not cutting down to the standard weight of 205 pounds for the fight. Adding more, he said that Hasim wanted the weight limits to be as high as 215 pounds. As a reason, Hasim got his name back from the fight.

Hasim responds to Jake Paul’s reason

Other than the reason given by Jake Paul for his canceled fight with Hasim. Hasim has now come up with his part of his story. According to Hasim Rahman Jr., it was Jake and his team that called off the fight, not him. According to him, within a period of 3 ½ weeks, he was going to go down to 200 pounds that were signed in his contract.

However, with so much time, he was only able to get down to 215 pounds. Also, he said, “Where in boxing do you see them canceling fights a week in advance?” Hasim said they didn’t even give him his last week to drop as few pounds as he could. So it looks like Hasim is still up for a fight with Jake. While Jake has yet to respond on Hasim’s reaction.

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