R Kelly’s musical abilities sparked a debate online after new Kendrick Lamar songs mentioned the controversial singer.

Kendrick Lamar came up with a song and mentioned R Kelly, which created a debate on social media that divided netizens into two about supporting and not supporting R Kelly’s musical work. Well, Lamar actually had two songs on his album and it only mentioned R Kelly. Due to which, social networks were filled with reactions to R Kelly’s musical abilities. But how did netizens react?

Read on to find out more about Kendrick Lamar’s songs, creating a debate on social media about R Kelly’s musical skills.

Kendrick Lamar had mentioned R Kelly in two of his songs

While Lamar’s album, Mr. Morales, and The Big Steppers has two songs that mention R Kelly. We had Lamar with Taylor Paige on the song We Cry Together singing in an argument. In the song, Paige sings the line “You’re the reason R Kelly can’t acknowledge that he’s abusive.”

After which it is Lamar’s turn as he says his lines. The song was thought to be named after R Kelly in the context of his controversy and subsequent ruling on it. In fact, another song by Lamar by Mr Morale mentions the controversial singer saying that he himself was abused in his childhood.

What was the controversy of R Kelly?

R Kelly before falling into any controversy was a well-known and beloved singer. However, there came a time when she was in a controversy alleging that he was a sex offender. The accusations against her were serious and really bad for her career.

In fact, he is accused of harassing women of different ages. He was guilty of those accusations. Ultimately, this landed him in legal trouble and he faced criticism for all of it. The result of which became his career completely fell apart leaving him a controversial artist.

Social Media Debate Over R Kelly’s Musical Abilities

Well, in the midst of all this, Kendrick Lamar’s song just set social media buzzing with the debate over R Kelly’s musical abilities. The debate is really about whether or not Kelly was a good musical artist.

While many of them simply support the idea that it was not. Many of them have said that despite the controversy that Kelly has had around him. Her musical skills were good. Many supported that her controversy and her abilities should be separate. This contrast of opinions has created a stir on social networks.

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