PUBG mobile in India? Here are the most important announcements and updates you need to know about!

If you have been waiting for the announcement of Battlegrounds Mobile in India, we have good news for you. PUBG Mobile is finally here, just published a preview. In the trailer, PUBG MOBILE is written in all caps with a character that appears to be a man or woman wearing a helmet. Although the date has not been published yet and the name of the game has also been changed. It looks like we’re in for some awesome surprises from the game’s owners. “Join the fight for survival in Battlegrounds Mobile India. Developed by tencent games , PUBG Mobile India is available on the Google Play Store and takes your mobile gaming experience to a new level.” Said by the game officials.

PUBG Mobile India

Krafton is committed to building PUBG Mobile with the quality it deserves. To do so, they changed their approach to publishing PUBG Mobile under a different name. Krafton’s official announcement also promised that the game would be updated with new content and features aimed at Indian gamers. One of the key tenets of this was India-specific servers.” It’s been a roller coaster ride since we launched the fan-favorite, PUBG Mobile. We remain committed to delivering on our promise to bring PUBG Mobile back to all Indian fans!” Said the CEO of the company.

Social media handles like Facebook, Instagram have changed their names to new names but Twitter handle remains the same. Now let’s see how things develop and how players enjoy the new updates and features. Stay tuned to this space for more updates on the PUBG Mobile India relaunch. We will keep you updated with the latest developments and changes!

Battlefield Mobile Trailer

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