PSA: Pokemon Go Fest 2021 is ready for this weekend

Pokemon Go Fest 2021 is set for this weekend from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. However, officials have set a cost as all players will be chasing it. The cost of the entrance pass is $4.99. Apart from this, the ticket is completely different from the other ticket pass as it has some of the best features. With just one ticket pass, the trainer could participate in both days of events, which will surely allow the player to learn and earn something new.

The other information that is important to know is that some features are only available to ticket holders, while during the event, all players will have access to new Pokémon and raids. This will make the game more exciting for them.

Pokemon Go Fest 2021: First day

After every 60 minutes, the game will feature new Pokémon. These are :

⦁ In the Jungle theme, all wild Pokémon will appear.
⦁ In the Cave theme all cave related pokemon will appear.
⦁ In the Ocean Beach theme, all water Pokémon will appear.
⦁ In the Desert Mountain theme, all desert Pokémon will appear.

Other legendary Pokémon will appear in the raids on day 1 and this will increase the interest of the players.

Pokemon Go Fest 2021
PSA: Pokemon Go Fest 2021 is ready for this weekend

Pokemon Go Fest 2021: Second day

On the second day, the game will focus more on raids and bonuses. However, trainers can also catch the pokemon. Some features of Day 2 include:

⦁ If a raid battle is completed, the trainer will get a return of 10,000 XP.
⦁ There will be timed research so Trainers can earn Remote Raid Passes.
⦁ Trainers can earn 10 Raid Passes with Spinning Gymnastics Photo Discs.

For more information on the events, players can visit the pokemon go website.

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