Prime Hydration becomes the first influential brand to sponsor NASCAR’s MBM Motorsports team

Logan Paul & KSI’s sports drink, “Prime Hydration”, which has become popular everywhere, will soon become the first influencer brand to sponsor the NASCAR team. While he’s had a lot of things coming up individually from Logan Paul and KSI. Their joint drink “Prime Hydration” is back in the spotlight.

Read on to learn more about the Logan Paul & KSI “Prime Hydration” brand that sponsors the NASCAR team.

A little about the Logan Paul x KSI Prime Hydration drink

Both KSI and Logan Paul have risen to fame as social media influencers. What we have together through them that is becoming very popular is the Prime brand. Yes, the Prime Hydration drink co-funded by KSI and Logan Paul.

In fact, in the area of โ€‹โ€‹soft drinks, Prime has risen to a great level. At the same time, there has been a huge demand for the drink since it was launched on the market. It seems that both the founder and the influencer of the brand are happy to take it to another level.

Prime Hydration will sponsor the NASCAR team

In the midst of a UK Prime launch that will happen with the sixth flavor online. We have another benchmark that Prime will set. Yes, Prime by Logan and KSI will become the first influential brand to sponsor a racing team. Well, that team is none other than NASCAR which will debut soon.

Specifically, MBM Motorsports announced on May 23 that Xfinity race car driver Tommy Hill would drive the Prime-sponsored raspberry blue car for Charlotte Motor Speedway. The event that will take place on May 28 this summer.

Logan Paul on Prime sponsoring the NASCAR team

Though it must be a proud moment for Logan Paul and KSI when their Prime drink enters the NASCAR arena as a sponsor. Logan made a statement about the same saying that Prime is becoming one of the fastest growing beverages in America. The association with NASCAR has come at the right time for them.

He said he is excited about the brand that sponsors the NASCAR team. However, it would be interesting to see if this partnership with NASCAR remains restricted to the next race or continues as well. In the meantime, you can wait to see the Prime-sponsored car coming soon.

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