Post Malone gets a new face tattoo dedicated to his daughter

The American rapper Post Malone has made another tattoo on his face and they are the initials of his daughter. Post Malone, who has done very well in his career, keeps his personal life a bit private. However, he sometimes confirmed that he has now become a father. While he now even has a tattoo dedicated to his daughter.

Read on to find out more about Post Malon getting her daughter’s initials tattooed.

Post Malone welcomed a daughter

Post Malone is a popular rapper who has immense love from all his fans. However, keeping his fame aside, he has been a very private person who keeps his family and his information intact. You almost never know anything about Post Malone.

We learned that he was about to welcome a child with his fiancée in May. Well luckily he became a father to a sweet daughter and now she is months old. Though he didn’t say much about his daughter. However, he said that he enjoys being a father and that his daughter “is huge, super tall, and she’s a legend.”

Post Malone got his daughter’s initials tattooed on his face

Although the rapper Post Malone did not share much about his daughter and what his life is like after becoming a father. However, he recently got another tattoo on his face that is for his daughter. Yeah, Malone got his daughter’s initials tattooed on her face. The new tattoo has “DDP” written on it.

Which is right on his forehead next to the spade tattoo. The tattoo photo was shared on Instagram by Chad Rowe, who is a tattoo artist. TMZ first reported that the tattoo is the rapper’s daughter’s initials.

Post Malone’s Other Tattoos

Well, aside from Malone’s newly added tattoo. We have Post Malone who already has a lot of tattoos on his face. On his forehead, he has a long barbed wire tattoo. While there is also a spade tattoo on the side of the forehead. Also, he has many tattoos around his eyes.

Either above the eyebrows or around the temple or below the eyes. Her tattoos are around both eyes. However, the one with her daughter’s initials is a large tattoo on her face.

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