Pokimane is taking some time off from streaming after her Twitchcon appearance

One of the most popular female Twitch streamers, Pokimane, is ready to take a break from the platform for a mental reset. Well, we know how exhausting regular streaming can be. As such, Pokimane has prioritized her health over her profession. Which is certainly right on her part. But when will Pokimane return?

Read on to learn more about how Pokimane took a break from Twitch to mentally reboot.

A bit about streaming Pokimané

While we have had numerous streamers on Twitch. One of the most popular female streamers on Twitch was raised on Pokimane. However, Pokimane’s real name is Imane Anys. She is a Moroccan-Canadian streamer and YouTuber. She is very popular among her fans.

Their streaming content is mostly League of Legends and Fortnite game content. In fact, he has 9.2 followers on Twitch. While he also has more than 6 million followers on both Instagram and YouTube. However, in his broadcasting career, he has also faced many bans and fights with other broadcasters.

Pokimane is take to break with Twitch

Pokimane has been an active Twitch streamer. Although it was banned several times on the platform. However, she has been a regular streamer. However, in the midst of his entire streaming routine. She took off a couple of times too. As a Pokimane she has always believed in giving time to her personal life. So that she can keep her creativity in the best quality of hers.

Well, now it looks like he’s going to take a break from Twitch once again. However, this time his break is again for a personal reason. As he recently announced on his social media that she will be taking a break from broadcasting for a mental reset. Apart from that, she also thanked all her fans for always supporting her.

When is Pokimane likely to return?

Although Pokimane mentioned that she is taking a break from broadcasting for a mental reset. There is no idea how long someone needs to have a mental reset. Not even Pokimane said anything about it. Not forgetting that he previously took a break for about a month.

However, this time, Pokimane didn’t say anything about how long she would stay away from Twitch. What has left all her fans wondering when she would return.

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