Pokémon Go Community Day 2022: dates, free Pokémon, candy, bonuses and more

Niantic recently announced that the theme for this year’s Pokémon Go Community Day is Halloween.

Here is everything you need to know.

When will Pokémon Go Community Day 2022 start?

Pokémon Go Community Day 2022 is expected to start on October 15 at 2 pm local time. The occasion will last until 5 pm on the same day. Therefore, you will have a couple of hours to join the event once it starts.

What bonuses will be included in Pokémon Go Community Day 2022?

This year’s Pokémon Go Community Day will feature Litwick, which is a Fire/Ghost-type Pokémon.

Also, if you manage to capture Litwick or turn it into a Lampent during the event or five hours after it ends, players will get a special Pokémon reward: Chandelure.

It is a special move that is also known as the Charged Attack Poltergeist. Also, it will only be available with Chandelure delivered during the event.

Also, you can get access to the specific Litwick Community Day if you pay $1. It is a special exclusive research mission.

It will help you get the Featured Pokémon during Community Day. In addition, you’ll also get three-hour incense, lure modules, and other goodies to aid you in your conquest.

    Pokemon Go Community Day 2022

Afterwards, trades will cost 50 percent less stardust for players during this event. They will also have the opportunity to do two special exchanges for the day.

In addition, players will get the following gifts if they decide to participate in the event. They include:

  • Capture XP (x3)
  • Candy catcher (x3)
  • Chance to get XL Candy (x2) – Must catch Pokemon level 31 and above

When will Pokémon Go Fashion Week take place?

Niantic has also announced that Pokemon Go Fashion Week is scheduled for September 27 at 10am local time. It will run for a couple more days before it concludes on October 3 at 8:00 p.m. local time.

If you didn’t know, fashion week will see new Pokémon coming into the game, clothing, raids, and much more.

Additionally, Pokémon like Mareanie and Toxapex will make their debut during fashion week. Simultaneously, other Pokemon like Diglett, Dugtrio, Absol, and Toxicroak will be wearing special outfits.

You’ll also get a timed investigation to catch Digletts, Absols, and Croagunks.

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