Pittsburgh’s Foxtail and Skybar temporarily closed due to ‘problematic’ customers amid viral video

Foxtail, a SouthSide nightclub associated with Skybar, announced it would be closing until further notice. The announcement comes days after a video showing a lewd act allegedly taking place at the venue went viral on the internet.

Here is everything you need to know.

Pittsburgh’s Foxtail and Skybar temporarily close

AMPD Group has reportedly temporarily closed its Foxtail and Skybar locations on Pittsburgh’s South Side.

They took to Instagram and posted a statement on the matter.

They wrote: ‘The safety and health of our guests and staff is our number one priority. After careful consideration, the owners of Foxtail/Skybar have decided to pause operations at the location until further notice.

The statement continued, “The climate for operating an overnight economy business on the South Side has regressed to the point of being unstable and has led to a customer base that is problematic.”

In addition, they said, ‘We will continue to support Mayor Gainey and the Department of Public Safety’s Southside Safety Initiative Plan. We look forward to rejoining the community once a solution to the issues plaguing our neighborhood has been successfully implemented.”

Pittsburgh Foxtail Viral Video

According to KDKA News Radio, the controversial video shows a woman performing a lewd act in front of the crowd present at the venue.

According to the video, the crowd appears to be cheering someone on as they insert a glass bottle into the private parts of a partially clothed woman.

It didn’t take long for the video to circulate all over social networks. However, soon after the video was removed from online platforms due to its obscene nature.

Authorities Condemn Viral Foxtail Video

According to WPXI reports, local authorities and police expressed their disapproval of the controversial video clip.

District Judge Eugene Ricciardi addressed the indecent incident at the Foxtail Skybar, saying, “That’s a disgrace.” That video went viral across the United States. We have people in Florida who saw that video, what does that say about us?’

Judge Ricciardi has also called for an immediate state emergency. He mentioned that the problem bars in the area should be closed and the curfew reinstated.

Additionally, local police now closely patrol local bars. Law enforcement officers are stationed near establishments where there have been problems in the past.

Meanwhile, KDKA News Radio reported that the bar-goers featured in the viral video are now banned from institutions.

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