PewDiePie under fire after “mocking” a deaf TikToker

PewDiePie, the famous YouTuber has entered the netizens’ radar for recently making fun of a deaf tiktoker. When PewDiePie made the video of him adding the video of a deaf tiktoker, netizens were quick to react. While PewDiePie is now facing backlash for his reaction to the deaf tiktoker’s video.

Read on to find out more about PewDiePie facing backlash for making fun of a deaf tiktoker.

PewDiePie made fun of a deaf tiktoker

PewDiePie is a popular YouTuber who continues to post videos on YouTube. He even has 111 million subscribers of his on YouTube. As usual when PewDiePie was making a video. He decided to add a video of a deaf tiktoker he was watching. In that video, a woman was using sign language to tell a story.

But since PewDiePie went to see the woman’s video. She stopped it midway after a few seconds. Also, he said that he can’t see it anymore. While he also made fun of women’s long fingernails. As he compared it to his dog’s nails. He even made fun of his dog about the way women communicate.

Netizens criticize PewDiePie for mocking deaf tiktoker

As soon as the YouTuber posted the video of PewDiePie mocking the deaf tiktoker. The video instantly went viral. In fact, netizens criticized the YouTuber for his reaction to the deaf tiktoker. But then PewDiePie tried to edit the post and repost it. However, he forgot to remove the previous thumbnail showing the photo of the deaf tiktoker video.

However, netizens were quick enough to save PewDiePie’s video. While they also uploaded it to social networks. Netizens continued to criticize the youtuber saying why people don’t talk about the youtuber who made fun of a black deaf woman. While some even said that the YouTuber is worse.

Deaf tiktoker’s reaction to being mocked by PewDiePie

Not only were netizens busy criticizing the Youtuber for the way he reacted to the deaf tiktoker. But the deaf tiktoker whose name is May also gave her reaction to the youtuber’s teasing. She later shared what she felt in a TikTok video.

In her new TikTok video, May said the YouTuber didn’t hear her story just because she was using sign language and had long fingernails. Furthermore, she said that the YouTuber instead made fun of her with her dog. It was sad for May that such a popular creator behaved like this. She even said that PewDiePie did not apologize, but instead edited the clip.

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