P Diddy criticized for ‘undoing cancellation’ of Morgan Wallen and Travis Scott

P Diddy aka Sean ‘Love’ Combs. The host and executive producer of the 2022 Billboard Music Awards. He came under fire on the internet after he endorsed controversial rapper Travis Scott and disgraced country musician Morgan Wallen.

In an interview with Billboard. The famed hip-hop musician said the show had been canceled and there was no room for the judges. Some social media users called the 52-year-old hip-hop icon’s comments “pathetic.” For the uninitiated, this was Travis Scott’s first awards presentation since the Astroworld disaster, in which ten people died of compression asphyxiation during his presentation. Wallen, on the other hand, made headlines last year after a video of him uttering the n-word was made public.

“Cancel is a trend that needs to stop”

“The atmosphere of the event is about love and forgiveness,” P Diddy said in an interview with Billboard. As a musical family, none of us are saints; none of us is immune from the trials and tribulations of life.” “One of the things I’m doing directly is canceling what’s been cancelled,” he added, adding, “That’s breaking news because people haven’t been talking about canceling.” However, canceling is a trend that needs to be reversed.”

‘I wish the media would cancel P Diddy’

One person commented on P Diddy’s most recent words, saying, “P Diddy knew about the Morgan Wallen incident and STILL let him act in the name of love.” Pathetic.” “I hope the media cancels P Diddy,” said one user. “How great of him to be a fan and try to ride the wave lmao where was he before smhhhhhh,” said the next. P Diddy in charge of producing this and thinking his goal would be to get Morgan Wallen and Travis Scott not canceled was definitely not a good idea,” one added. “Morgan Wallen and Travis Scott?” another concluded. “I see what what P Diddy is doing.

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