No, Jon Stewart won’t run for president in 2024, rumors explained

Politico’s op-ed sought to persuade readers that Jon Stewart should run for president in 2024. A magazine is promoting comedian Jon Stewart, best known as the former host of The Daily Show, as the next presidential candidate in 2024, which of course did not happen. feel good with the majority of social media users.

In 2024, will Jon Stewart be running for president?

Politico’s op-ed, titled “If Tucker Runs in 2024, Here’s What Democrats Need,” made waves online after he floated the notion of Jon Stewart running for president in 2024.” Jon Stewart is a better fit than most politicians for what modern politics has become,” the article’s tagline declared. Speaking of the 2024 election, former President Donald Trump, radio personality Howard Stern and icon of rap Kanye West had already given clues about seeking the prestigious position.

According to Jon Stewart, he is an animator.

Politico’s op-ed sought to persuade readers that Jon Stewart should run for president in 2024. To begin with the “seriousness” question. Stewart defines himself as an entertainer when discussing the types of importance. Serious issues that real politicians know how to avoid. He spends his time producing an AppleTV show. And podcast talk show on controversial topics including abortion, gun control, misinformation, modern monetary theory, and other hot topics. Judd Apatow and Mark Cuban will occasionally drop in to add shine.

Tweets from Jon Stewart

So he’s definitely committed enough for the job, the op-ed said. However, the main reason is that he is a better fit for modern politics than most politicians. Rejecting the idea, however, Jon summed up his thoughts on Twitter by writing, “Ummm… No thanks.” The possible presidential candidacy of Fox News personality Tucker Carlson initially gave rise to the Jon Stewart conspiracy hypothesis. Later, he put an end to the rumors by declaring his lack of interest in seeking the presidency. The station has kindly given me permission to take time off to be with my family in Texas, he informed his Facebook audience. Today, my dad is supposed to be discharged from the hospital and go home with hospice care. Yesterday he requested that his nasal feeding tube be removed.

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