Netizens criticize Jay Z for comparing being called a “capitalist” to the N-word

Jay Z was recently exposed to relentless criticism on the social media platform Twitter after he reportedly compared being called a capitalist to a racial slur. On Wednesday, August 31, the Empire State of Mind frontman appeared in a Twitter Spaces chat session along with Rob Markman and Ari Melber. During the 17-minute reunion, Jay Z struggled to portray a rags-to-riches story that took a strange direction. Speaking about reinforcing other black billionaire entertainers like Kanye West, Rihanna and LeBron James, Jay Z emphasized that they were “not going to stop.”

Then, at that point, he proceeded to add that society had tried to ‘lock’ them out of the ‘American Dream’ and developed invented the word ‘capitalist’ as they rose to success: It used to be the American dream, ‘Drop off the Bootstraps, and you can do it yourself…you can do it in America’, this multitude of lies America let us know for what seems like forever. What he said next drew a ton of criticism from netizens. The rapper saw himself being known as a ‘capitalist’ with racist slurs.

And then when we started to go in, they tried to keep us out. They begin to invent words like you know, capitalist you know, that’s the way things are. At the end of the day, you know, we’ve been called ‘blacks’ and ‘monkeys’ and shit. I couldn’t care less; those words you all make up. All of you should think of more grounded words. Internet users were confused when they heard that the singer and entrepreneur, who is worth an estimated $1.3 billion, compared capitalism to the N-word. Many noted that the Roc Nation founder is also a capitalist, having amassed a reputation accumulating a large amount of dollars.

Twitter trolls Jay Z after he compares being called a ‘capitalist’ to the N-word

Jay-Z’s verse on ‘God Did’ continues to spark discussion across social media. During a chat on Twitter Spaces recently, he approached her to explain his verses on the track. In doing so, Jay Z compared being known as a capitalist to the N-word and said there is no shame in comparison. During a 17-minute Twitter Spaces chat session with journalist Rob Markman, DJ Khaled and many others on Wednesday, August 31, Jay Z was asked about his upbeat line in the song in which he talks about lifting up other artists. blacks like kanye west Rihanna and LeBron James in Very Rich People. The Roc Nation co-founder responded by catering to people who criticize his business moves and try to disgrace him for being successful.

The billionaire’s hip-bouncing comments drew a backlash from some people who rolled their eyes at comparing calling him a capitalist to calling him a racial slur. Jay Z was really in that space crying because we call him a capitalist (he is). He then tried to say that calling rich blacks capitalists is like the n-word. LMAOOO wrote an individual. Some fans pointed out that Jay Z is rightfully known as a capitalist since he entered into a multi-year partnership with the NFL, which would no doubt add more cash to the bank.

For people who don’t know, the NFL received a monstrous backlash for its treatment of San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Colin Kaepernick reported that he was actually kicked out of the league after pointing out racial injustice and police brutality. Netizens proceeded to list vast examples of the rapper getting a lot of dollars in America trying to prove his gratuitous capitalist proclivities.

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