Netizens are inspired by Dexter, a dog that walks like a human

Netizens are shocked after learning that there is a dog named Dexter who walks like a human.

A cute dog residing in Colorado turns heads wherever he goes due to his ability to walk on two legs alone.

Here is everything you need to know.

Meet Dexter, a dog who learned to walk like a human

A recent episode of The CBS Sunday Morning Show introduced viewers to Dexter, a dog who walks like a human.

Dexter is an adorable, bi-colored, bipedal Brittany Spaniel who resides in Ouray, Colorado with his owner, Kentee Pasek.

While Brittany Spaniels may be known for being energetic and having an active lifestyle, Dexter’s characteristics make him stand out among the breed of dog.

His owner, Kentee, claims it’s not a trick she taught him, but a survival tactic he adapted after a near-death experience.

When the canine was a puppy, he escaped from his yard and ran into traffic. Unfortunately, he was hit by a car causing him to lose his front leg and the other leg to be severely damaged.

Also, Dexter reportedly used a wheelchair for a time. Until he came one day when he climbed the stairs to Kentee’s porch on both her legs without any support.

Kentee told CBS News: ‘I ran to get my cup of coffee, I went out. I was like, “How’s this going?”

He further mentioned that Dexter is regularly taken to the vet to make sure his joints and hips are healthy. He added that the vet confirmed that Dexter should stay happy and mobile.

After six years, Dexter has become a full-fledged celebrity, not only in his hometown, but also for the tourists who visit the place to see him.

He also has an Instagram account with the name ‘dexterdogouray’. More than 140,000 users follow his page on the social networking site.

Twitter users react to Dexter

After watching the Sunday Morning show on CBS, several viewers took to Twitter to express their feelings.

One user wrote: ‘I hope that by sharing Dexter’s story today, I can inspire anyone who is feeling down. I hope this dog’s journey builds courage and strength. In life, we can achieve the impossible if we face our challenges and choose hope. Dexter is an inspiration to all of us.

Another commented: “Dexter the dog has a lesson for all of us: when faced with a challenge, adapt.”

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