Netflix Wednesday: Is Johnny Depp Playing Uncle Fester? Explanation of the rumors

Wednesday’s cast could have Johnny Depp as one of the key characters and that’s what the rumors say. Well, the connection between the Addams family and Tim Burton is known to all. However, for those who don’t know, he has executive produced and directed some of the episodes of the drama The Addams Family. But the latest rumors say that Johnny Depp is ready for the next Addams drama. Is that really so?

Read on to find out more about Johnny Depp’s casting rumors for Wednesday.

Tim Burton to direct Netflix series on Wednesday

Tim Burton’s new directing job arrives on Wednesday with the Netflix series. Which is based on Wednesday Addams of the Addams Family. With a strong connection between the Addams family and Tim. Lately we have been seeing fans curious to have the drama air on Netflix soon.

Well, hence the horror comedy series arriving in the fourth quarter of this year on Netflix. Do not miss it, the list of actors in the drama is long. Where one of the characters is rumored to have Johnny Depp playing him. Could that be true?

Is Johnny Depp Playing a Role in Netflix’s Wednesday?

The confirmed cast of Tim Burton’s Wednesday has Jenna Ortega playing Wednesday Addams, Luis Guzman playing Gomez Addams. As Catherine Zeta-Jones plays Morticia Addams and the cast goes on and on. However, there are rumors about the role of Uncle Fester.

According to some internet rumors, Uncle Fester is believed to be played by Johnny Depp. However, there is no confirmation or information to prove that he really is like that. Hence, it cannot be confirmed that Johnny Depp may be in Burton’s Wednesday.

Johnny Depp
Credit: Netflix

The Tim Burton and Johnny Depp Connection

The rumor that Depp will play Uncle Fester on Wednesday could also stem from past collaborations between Depp and Burton. As before, they have worked for Ed Wood and Dark Shadows. However, that may not secure things for him on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Uncle Fester in the nineties went to Christopher Llyod. So it would be interesting to see who plays Uncle Fester now and whether or not Johnny Depp actually gets his way in Burton’s Wednesday. As fans would love to see if he lands that role in the Netflix horror comedy.

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