Netflix Wednesday Addams: Release Date, Cast, Trailer & Everything You Need to Know

Wednesday Addams will finally have its premiere this year on Netflix. The Addams Family has long been scary and entertaining, all at the same time. Whether it’s the movie or the comics dedicated to them, they’ve all turned out to be huge hits. Well, that is why we will have it another time, and this time it would be on the popular streaming platform Netflix to come. So when will we get Wednesday Addams?

Read on to find out more about Wednesday Addams and all his latest updates.

Wednesday Addams Release Date

Wednesday Addams is a television series that tells the story of the creepy Addams family. Although previously we also met this family in comics and movies. Although with Netflix this time we meet the Addams Family once again, and viewers are more than excited about it.

Therefore, for all those who are excited to have the series to watch. It will be released this year in the fall. However, there is no specific release date for the series. Therefore, we must wait to have an announcement about its launch.

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Who is in the cast of Wednesday Addams?

We have an announcement about the cast of Wednesday Addams. Like we’re going to get Jenna Ortega to play Wednesday Addams, Catherine Zeta-Jones to Morticia Addams, and Luis Guzman to Gomez Addams. George Burcea as Lurch, Isaac Ordonez playing Pugsley.

In addition, we will have Gwendoline Christie playing a yet to be known role alongside Christina Ricci. There was a rumor that Johnny Depp would also play a role. However, that is most likely not true. Don’t miss out, the creator of the Wednesday Addams series is Tim Burton.

What is the plot of Wednesday Addams and is there any trailer?

The first season of Netflix’s Wednesday Addams will have eight episodes. Which, the story will lead to Wednesday Addams at Nevermore Academy as a student. Wednesday’s trip would be to have more focused and stronger psychic powers. While she has to deal with some supernatural mystery on the go.

As for the trailer. Yes, we have a trailer for Netflix’s Wednesday Addams. Where one can take a look at the history of the Addams family. Wednesday at Nevermore certainly has a lot to show this time around.

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