Netflix ‘Squid Game’ Merchandise: Steps to Buy and Merchandise Prices

Without a doubt, Netflix is ​​moving quickly to release official products and merchandise for “Squid Game”. In fact, it’s an opportunity to cash in on the surprising popularity of the Korean survivor thriller.

T-shirts with the logo of the program and crucial photos of the series. A jersey with a personalized player number and a personalized hoodie with a square, triangle or circle symbol. This portrays the three distinct guard positions. Also, the logo for the series in English or Korean is among the items available on the streaming site. Accept the offer on your personal bet,” reports the website about the new clothes. “As a fan of ‘Squid Game,’ you came to the right place, and the stakes weren’t that serious.”

Netflix Store and Merchandise

netflix introduced in June, with selected limited edition designs. Intended to generate excitement among die-hard fans of the company’s flagship shows. According to Netflix, “Squid Game”, which aired on September 17, has been continuously ranked as the number 1 series in countries around the world. Merchandise for “Sex Education”, “The Witcher”, “Lupin” and the animation shows “Yasuke” and “Eden” are also available on the website. Products in the eCommerce store are currently only available in the United States.

Merchandise Prices

  • Icons Hoodie – $49.95
  • Personalized Jersey with Player Number Patch – $39.95
  • Choose your own custom in-game jersey – $39.95
  • Personalized jersey with player number – $39.95
  • Black Sand T-Shirt – $34.95
  • Personalized Story Art T-Shirt 004 – $34.95
  • Personalized Story Art T-Shirt 001 – $34.95
  • Sandy White T-Shirt – $34.95
  • Personalized Story Art T-Shirt 002 – $34.95
  • Personalized Story Art T-shirt 003 – $34.95

Step-by-Step Guide to Buy Netflix ‘Squid Game’ Products

  1. first go to Netflix Store
  2. then go to squid game section
  3. Choose the Merchandise that you like the most
  4. On this page you can change the color of your Merchandise
  5. Select the size that fits you on the right side
  6. Finally click add to cart and pay
squid game merchandise
Netflix 'Squid Game' Merchandise: Steps to Buy and Merchandise Prices

The Netflix Squid Game

Some of South Korea’s most popular and innocent children’s games from the 1970s and 1980s (played in alleyways) are (currently) reinvented. Like a mysterious survival game with a cash prize of 45.6 billion won for the winner. However, there is a catch: the losers must pay… with their lives!

A group of 456 financially desperate people willingly risk their lives for the penultimate prize. By participating in six twisted Squid Game games, in the words of writer and director Hwang Dong-hyuk. It is a dark and macabre version of “modern capitalism” that represents extreme competition. While still being able to incorporate emotional, dramatic and theatrical aspects into the story.

Superbly played by Lee Jung Jae, the ‘just fired from his job’ main lead along with the engaging characters ignites the screen with a commendable performance backed by a gripping plot, impressive camera work with impeccable (art) direction (the sets are breathtakingly surreal so much so that the actors couldn’t stop clicking the photos on set and, according to some, it was like being in a “fantasy world… far beyond their expectations and imagination”) accompanied by a script extraordinary.

An air of apprehension and enigma prevails from the first Red Light game, Green Light. (It took almost six months for Hwang to write just the first two episodes.) This binge-worthy thriller is on its way to becoming Netflix’s biggest foreign-language show. Or maybe ‘our greatest show of all time’. Says Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos.

Watch the Squid game on Netflix to explore a great story and unexpected twists. You can buy the Squid Game merchandise. As well as merchandise from your other favorite series from the Netflix store.

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