MrBeast Teams Up With ToTouchAnEmu For Viral Minions TikTok Collaboration

You may have seen numerous collaborations on TikTok, but certainly most of you must not have seen MrBeast teaming up with ToTouchAnEmu over viral TikTok minions. Yes, minions are the new obsession on TikTok. Not just ordinary Tiktokers but even star Tiktokers are obsessed with minions trends.

Read on to find out more about MrBeast’s collaborations with ToTouchAnEmu on the minions trend.

TikTok finds its obsession with the minions trend

If you have been one of those who keeps looking for a new trend on TikTok. Then you must have already known how the minions trend drove everyone crazy. Well, credit for that goes to the movie The Rise of Gru, which started the crazy trend.

In this viral minions trend, you can find mostly teenagers heading to the movies in a formal suit with a tie. While they also shake hands and behave similarly to minions. Whatever happens, the trend is going viral everywhere.

MrBeast and ToTouchAnEmu collaborate on the minions trend

It was pretty obvious that a trend like the minions trend would make even Tiktokers stars give it a try. Therefore, we recently learned that even MrBeast, the popular YouTuber, has done a collaboration on the same trend of minions. The other Tiktoker star who joined him in this trend was none other than ToTouchAnEmu.

On MrBeast and ToTouchAnEmu’s viral TikTok trend, they can be seen collaborating. As MrBeast stops the music to have giant inflatable minions in the video. As some of his friends join in minions costume. MrBeast’s video with ToTouchAnEmu has over 2.4 million views so far.

User reaction to MrBeast and ToTouchAnEmu collaboration

Without a doubt, the minion trend on TikTok already has its million fans. Also, when Tiktokers or YouTubers stars join the trend. It gives TikTok users extra pleasure to watch them. As such, even the collaboration of MrBeast and ToTouchAnEmu has got likes from TikTok users.

Some even went so far as to comment on the video of MrBeast and his new partner on the minion trend. As they wrote, he “has made it.” One even said that this is the most unexpected collaboration of the year. Certainly, users love the trend with MrBeast.

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