MI has launched its air charger with some unique and unmatched features


MI air charger: Xiaomi wireless charger is the first of its kind, so now you don’t have to worry about the cell phone or any other device to switch with the charger. You just need to put in the Mi Air Charge, which is designed in such a way that you can charge your phone remotely or from anywhere. With this new Mi Air Charger, you can connect it to all devices wirelessly just with a wireless charging stand.

This MI Air Charger has the ability to charge phones, tablets and other wireless devices from a range of 4 cm. but, xiaomi has not published any details about this charger. The size of the charging device is equivalent to a side table that provides 5W wireless charging.

Features of the new MI charger

The charger can charge multiple devices at the same time with a capacity of 5 watts. This charger creates an opportunity to rely on your phone from office, public place and guest room. Mi has created this technology on his own. The charger looks like a box that has a screen. The charging status and battery level can be viewed on this screen.

Xiaomi MI Air Charger

Xiaomi has further developed its wireless charging architecture. It uses an imperial coil system and a bypass chip that produces a charging speed of 80W. Apart from this, MTW multipole connectors, twin 6C collector batteries and some acceleration software program have been used.

How does the Mi Air Charge wireless charger work?

The question here is how this charging machinery works because all the new wireless chargers on the market charge the phone through magnets but Xiaomi doesn’t work like that. This new Mi Air Charge has 144 antennas for wireless charging that transmits a millimeter-wide web. Mi says that its new Mi Air Charge technology uses devices such as an exclusive self-developed tower. This device sends a millimeter wave network directly to the phone through beamforming phenomena.

multiple connections

In order to track the location of the mobile phone, five antennas are provided one by one in this charger. a range of connection The M 30W wireless charger which was a built-in cooling fan that resists the device from overheating. It has a vertical air duct design. It sends air directly to the phone and controls the heat. This xaomi charger can also be useful for Samsung and Apple users so it is activated at all times.

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