Mel Thompson, a youtuber and makeup artist, died: this is the reason why Mel died

Makeup artist and YouTube star Mel Thompson has passed away. He was 35 years old. He has 170,000 subscribers. He posted the last video of him on September 24. His fans were grieving and paying tribute in the comments section.

Statements from Mel Thompson’s husband:

Shockingly, on Monday, September 27, Thompson’s husband reported her death on Instagram. He died over the weekend, but her cause of death is unknown. He goes on to say, Mel passed away yesterday. It would be difficult to choose only 10 images; we have lost the beautiful person.

In addition, she says that she has to answer all the questions that her fans ask her, not knowing that she passed away. It’s great to see how adorable she was with him. He goes on to say that he will never stop loving her and will miss her forever. He has been a pillar for the family, the children did not stop talking to her, and she, in turn, was always kind and answered them.

mel thompson and husband
Mel Thompson, a youtuber and makeup artist, died: this is the reason why Mel died

Whatever the situation, she will always be helpful and touching, even when she arrives tired from her job, and she takes care of who is around. Being a talented artist, she is always helpful with her wonderful knowledge. Without a second thought, she would help anyone who asked for help. Sadly, with a note, she said, “I wish I had gotten it back.”

While this tragic news is happening, her fellow makeup artists, her fans, admirers flood to pay tribute and remember her; for the excellent art and sweet character of her.

In her last and last video, her fans flood her with messages.

Mel Thompson fans:

Cassandra Bankson wrote: “The world will miss you, your creativity and your passion beyond what words can express. Rest in peace, beauty.” Cassandra is a model, published writer, medical esthetician.

Peace and Saraity ASMR wrote: “You were a shining star and you will be missed forever. Your smile will also always live contagious laughter. Thank you for sharing your passionate art with us. We all witnessed your raw talent. RIP, Mel.” Peace and Saraity is a youtube channel that offers a soothing voice and mesmerizing gestures.

laugh makes makeup says, “Oh sweet Mel, I will miss you so much. So, looking forward to meeting you one day. Rest in peace, friend”.

How mel thompson He died?

There’s also a post from @elizabethspencer8 saying, she’s the one who told Mel she had Ehlers Danlos. Later, when he went to the doctor, he was diagnosed with the same thing.

Also, @elizabethspencer8 said, Mel told about this issue she was having. But, she’s not sure that’s the factor, she ends it. According to the Mayo Clinic, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome is an inherited disorder that affects connective tissues.

It initially affects the skin, then the joints and blood vessel walls. Although there is a comment like this, Mel’s condition is in no way related to her at the time of her death.

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