Megyn Kelly criticizes Jennifer Lopez and Shakira for their 2020 Super Bowl looks

Megyn Kelly made a rude comment about the outfits Jennifer Lopez and Shakira wore to their Super Bowl halftime performance in 2020.

Here is everything you need to know.

Megyn Kelly thinks Jennifer Lopez and Shakira were ‘too revealing’

Megyn Kelly recently sat down with guest Bridget Phetasy for an episode of her podcast, The Megyn Kelly Show.

Both women were discussing women “hugging their bodies” when the subject of Jennifer Lopez and Shakira’s 2020 Super Bowl outfit came up.

Kelly stated, “I’m opposed to J.Lo and Shakira showing their vaginas at the Super Bowl.”

She continued: ‘Like I don’t want that. It has to be appropriate for the situation.

Additionally, the 51-year-old former Fox News primetime star said, “It has to be appropriate for the situation.”

Kelly added, “But I’m not really opposed to just women hugging their bodies or showing off their bodies like in the pictures.”

Meanwhile, Kelly’s criticism echoed the complaints of several parents. They claimed that J.Lo and Shakira’s performance was too racy for a massive audience that broadcast Super Bowl LIV on February 2, 2020.

Multiple users took to social media to criticize the performance.

One outraged user wrote: “Not appropriate for kids at a Super Bowl halftime show.” Just J Lo’s outfits in general.

Additionally, another reviewer chimed in saying, “Absolutely the worst, most vulgar halftime show ever.”

Someone else said: ‘God forbid we were expecting to see football and a quick concert, but instead we were bothered in the eyes’.

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Megyn Kelly talks about Paulina Porizkova and Kim Kardashian

Megyn Kelly raved about Paulina Porizkova’s scantily clad body in social media pictures. She pointed out that she has no problem with her Czech-born beauty showing her ‘behind the scenes’ of her.

Kelly said: ‘Paulina Porizkova has just published a very interesting post.’

She noted: ‘She showed her bottom [and] It looks incredible.’

If you didn’t know, earlier this month, Porizkova shared a photo of herself in a thong bikini with the camera focused on her butt.

Additionally, the 57-year-old former model reportedly posts nudes of herself as a way of embracing aging.

Kelly later brought up Kim Kardashian’s vanity project during her interview on Friday.

She revealed, ‘What I oppose [references the Kardashians] it is vanity matchless.

Kelly added: “Her life is one long vanity project and she is bringing our children with her.” That is what I object to. She and her sisters.

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