Meet Leonard Hochstein, husband of Lisa Hochstein, RHOM returns with a new season

The new season of RHOM, aka the Real Housewives of Miami, will kick off with some of the show’s old stars. One of the popular stars of the OG housewives name is Lisa Hochstein. At the time she joined the cast of season 2 of Real Housewives of Miami, she was newly married to her husband, Leonard ‘Lenny’ Hochstein.

Lisa Hochstein’s husband, Dr. Lenny, is a professional plastic surgeon who has connections to several celebrities and is popularly known for his best work. He appeared in the second and third seasons of the series Real Housewives of Miami. During that time, people noticed Lisa Hochstein’s struggle to get pregnant by Dr. Leonard Hochstein. The couple, Lisa Hochstein and Leonard Hochstein, were once seen opting for the IVF process.

The upcoming season will feature the cast of Hochstein and will introduce the story in which they will be seen as a family of four that also includes their two children.

Dr. Leonard Hochstein involved in medical malpractice

Dr. Leonard Hochstein has been practicing as a plastic surgeon for over 20 years and is a board certified plastic surgeon. Even he has a license to work as a surgeon in Miami, he has been sued several times. Two of his patients have filed a lawsuit against Dr. Leonard Hochstein, husband of Lisa Hochstein.

One of the two patients has presented a compensation of 45,000 dollars for all the damages that it has caused. The other patient requested compensation of $50,000 for the mental and physical torture inflicted on him with the use of the improper surgical technique.

These cases were reported by patients when Lisa Hochstein was busy filming Real Housewives of Miami. There is a good chance that all of these cases will be mentioned in the next season of Real Housewives of Miami.

Fans are excited to find out if these legal charges will create trouble in paradise or not. If you want to see what will happen when you have to wait a while. The Instagram post uploaded to the @rhom.peacock account hints at the interesting plot of the new season of Real Housewives of Miami.

Lisa Hochstein was a Playboy model in 2009 when she married Dr. Leonard Hochstein. She currently, by profession, is a fitness guru, beauty expert, and activist. The couple’s estimated net worth is $30 million.

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