Meet Daniel Mac, TikToker Who Asked “What Do People Do For A Living” Goes Viral

If you are a TikTok user who knows most of the popular users of the app, you have surely come across Daniel Mac. Well, he is none other than the guy on TikTok who is becoming popular for asking car drivers what do you do. But what is it that makes it so popular?

Read on to know more about the famous TikTok star, Daniel Mac.

TikToker Daniel Mac goes viral on the app

TikTok has provided a great platform to almost everyone who had great content to offer. It didn’t matter what kind of content users liked to have. Users certainly had quite a bit of popularity across all varieties of content. Well, it was also similar to Daniel Mac’s TikTok videos.

@itsdanielmac I’d be mad too if I had to fill a tank like that @angryreactions #CallofDuty #Vanguard #CODPartner @100T Nadeshot ♬ original sound – DANIEL MAC

He also became popular on the app where he used to ask everyone with fancy cars questions about their lifestyles. He could be seen asking people what they were up to, which made him so viral on the app that he garnered millions of followers for him.

Who is Daniel Mac?

Popular TikTok star Daniel Mac goes by his full name, Daniel MacDonald. He is a famous content creator from America who found his popularity on TikTok. On the popular short video app, he used to quiz luxury car drivers about what they do for a living.

Not only this question gave him immense popularity on the app. But he even managed to get more than 12 million followers on the app. While on his Instagram he has more than 1.5 million followers. Meanwhile, she is becoming more and more popular on the Internet.

More about Daniel Mac

As well as gaining popularity for his iconic question on TikTok videos. Daniel Mac even has some collaborations with other famous TikTok stars like Nadeshot and Angry Reactions. That got millions of views on the videos. Also, it was only this year in September that Daniel Mac famously asked President Joe Biden his question.

Post in which he even had the opportunity to go to the White House, but the TikToker refused. Don’t miss out, many other TikTokers have found their unique content to go viral on the app like Daniel Mac. While users have found his videos really enjoyable.

@itsdanielmac “Brad Pitt” or Chad Schmitt? 😳 #montereycarweek #bradpitt #bruhwhat ♬ original sound – DANIEL MAC

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