Meet all the winners of the Razzie Awards 2021!

The most famous and anticipated Razzie Awards 2021 were announced and there were also many surprises. Kicking off with Sia’s feature film directorial debut, “MUSIC” is a surprise hit that earned her two Golden Globe nominations. The soundtrack tops the charts with Sia’s song “Chandelier,” and she wins a Grammy for Best New Artist. While she may not have won anything at the Golden Globes, Sia’s movie is still poised to do well at the box office. The Razzies, and the Oscars, are major annual awards given to honor the best and worst of Hollywood by the Golden Raspberry Awards Foundation.

And while Glenn Close may have missed out on an Oscar for his role in a multiple Academy Award-nominated film, another project was nominated at the Razzies. The Academy Awards for best picture and director have been handed out, but it’s time for the Razzie Awards. The Razzies are awarded to what the organization considers the worst movies of the year.

Razzie Awards 2021

Razzie Awards 2021: This comedy has been nominated for two Oscars and it is true that it won the Razzie Award for Best Supporting Actor. A sequel to “Borat,” the film is a comedy that questions cultural differences and crosses stereotypes to explore one of the most important aspects of civilization.

The Razzie Awards, the anti-Oscars, handed out awards for worst actor and movie, recognizing “Absolute Proof,” a film about 2018 voter fraud that claimed there was an “unprecedented level of voter fraud” in the 2020 presidential election. in which Joe Biden defeated the incumbent donald trump.

These awards are sure to have a huge impact on the entire Hollywood industry and let’s see how the other awards fare from now on.

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