McDonald’s Monopoly 2021: See how to play and all the McDonald’s prizes you can win

Here is some fabulous news for the person who is a foodie. Now once again comes McDonalds Monopoly 2021. That means for every burger you have a chance to win some epic prizes. This monopoly is valid until October 5. However, the McDonald’s monopoly decided for the first time on March 24, but somehow the event was postponed. But now, McDonald’s decided to start it and it will take place between August 25 and October 5, 2021 at McDonald’s restaurants.

People enjoy it very much and share their earnings online. More and more people participate and experience joy, this can be seen on social media where they post their winning prize. Since McDonald’s Monopoly was rescheduled, the dates sometimes go wrong. While you may be concerned about having a finished game piece, the dates are considered to have been transformed to the new dates as mentioned above. As many people show their bad luck that they have expired date stickers.

All rare stickers for McDonalds monopoly 2021

Since it’s been a long time to get a big mac. While people nervously receive the sticker, whether they have won the prize or not. Like a free cheeseburger, or better yet, a new MINI. The prominent fast food chain’s annual event has been gone for almost two and a half years after the lockdown restored things. And Maccies fans will be delighted to know that he’s back and better than ever.

McDonald's Monopoly 2021
McDonald's Monopoly 2021: See how to play and all the McDonald's prizes you can win

Although, not all foods appear with stickers. Of course, people are invited to buy a lot of McDonald’s and get a chance to win more and more prizes. But to encourage healthier eating, the Big Mac and Nuggets are sticker-free. So trade them in for a Big Tasty or Chicken Selects to earn 3 stickers.

How to enter prize winning codes

The middle prizes a free bite to eat. if you’re lucky enough, you can also win £100,000 or win an extra cheeseburger. Not only this, there is another option where players can get an instant winning sticker. This will be done by simply entering the codes on the McDonald’s website. It can be rewarded by earning cash or it can be owned as a jackpot.
1. In the menu items, you can find the sticker, and then remove it from the back.
2. Sign in to your McDonald account on the McDonald website. Where you have to enter a 10-digit code to know if you are a winner or not.
Each sticker has a different code that gives the player a chance to win exciting rewards online as well. So why wait for it, just grab this wonderful treat and eat golden arched cheeseburgers?

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