Mary Trump Calls Trump a ‘F*cking Loser’ After He Sued Her and the NYT

Former President Donald Trump has reportedly filed a federal lawsuit against The New York Times. Three of his screenwriters, and his niece “Mary Trump”, claiming they hatched an “insidious conspiracy”. To get his private information for a piece about his tax status.

According to the lawsuit, which was filed in Dutchess Province, New York, on Tuesday by attorney Alina Habba. The post convinced Mary Trump “to smuggle documents out of her attorney general’s office. And change them to The Times.” Regardless of the fact that she had agreed to sign a confidentiality agreement in 2001. After the two sides settled a controversial legal fight over Frederick Trump, Donald’s father and Mary’s grandfather.

Both Mary Trump and the Times are seeking $100 million in compensation in the latest complaint, according to court documents. It comes after Charles Harder filed a complaint. Because Donald Trump’s brother Robert tried. And stop Mary Trump and the Simon & Schuster company from publishing her memoirs. More and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Guy.

Judge Hal Greenwald ruled in that lawsuit that the 2001 confidentiality agreement had been too poorly worded to prevent him from publishing. He about the then president and pointed out that her publisher was not really a signatory to that agreement. There will be a funeral for Robert Trump in August 2020.

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Mary Trump Calls Trump a 'F*cking Loser' After He Sued Her and the NYT


Although Pulitzer Prize-winning members of the media. David Barstow, Susanne Craig, and Russ Buettner. Who broke the story about Trump’s withheld taxes and how little he offset in federal taxes? They just weren’t part of the 2001 confidentiality agreement. The new lawsuit from the previous government claims they have been “fully responsible.” Referencing his meeting with Molly Jong-Fast on The Daily Show. However, none of the reporters were the group from the 2001 confidentiality agreement.

According to Mary Trump, her uncle is “a fucking loser” who will throw anything against the wall to get attention. “It’s an act of desperation,” she explained. The walls are closing in on him. So he’s throwing everything he can think of in an attempt to make something stick. Donald will try to change the subject, as he usually does.”

She sued Donald Trump, her sister-in-law Maryanne Trump Barry. She as well as her late brother Robert’s estate manager immediately after the book’s release. She claiming that she had been robbed of millions when her father Frederick Trump Jr. passed away in 1981.

In fact, fraud was a part of life for Donald J. Trump, his sister Maryanne and his late brother Robert, according to his complaint. She was swindled out of at least $10 million, according to the investigation.

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