Maneskin Censored Performance At Mtv Vmas 2022, Justice For Maneskin Trending On Twitter

Italian glam rock band Maneskin made their debut at the MTV VMAs on August 28. At the awards show, the band performed a raunchy version of their famous song titled Supermodel. For the performance, frontman Damiano David wore backless chaps, which exposed his back. He also put on a leather strap. Bassist Victoria De Angelis wore a black dress along with a pastie, which fell off during her performance. As photos from the occasion indicate, Victoria De Angelis moved to the front of the stage as a crowd of dancers surrounded the band.

The performance included jumping and dancing, which likely caused the wardrobe to malfunction. Despite that, the 22-year-old proceeded. What frustrated fans, however, was how MTV continued to switch to panning the scene during Maneskin’s performance. A disappointed fan pointed out that the band had the most interesting set, however MTV reportedly censored it. After the censorship, many fans took to social media to express their discontent and trended ‘Justice for Maneskin’ on the social media platform Twitter.

Justice For Maneskin Trends On Twitter As Fans Criticize MTV For Censoring The Band’s Iconic 2022 VMAs Performance

The MTV Video Music Awards were packed with jaw-dropping and impressive moments, including an extraordinary performance by Italian rock band Måneskin. In any case, fans of the Maneskin group were exceptionally irritated with the way MTV decided to broadcast or rather not broadcast their performance. Throughout his act, the camera kept cutting from the stage to the empty back seats inside the Prudential Center in New Jersey, where the VMAs were held, instead of focusing on Måneskin.

At the time the official MTV News Twitter account posted a GIF of the performance with the message: ‘See you @thisismaneskin! #VMA fans shared their irritation and confusion in responses. One fan said: ‘Did you? No one watching did. What the hell was that?? while one more repeated the opinion, saying: ‘I’m pissed off! I waited all that time and they were on for a couple of moments and barely on the screen?? Many people failed to see why MTV continued to shy away from the group Måneskin, believing it to be to censor lead vocalist Damiano David’s outrageous attire, as he wore leather chaps and a black thong. However, it was probably an unexpected wardrobe malfunction that caused the odd camera choices.

Måneskin’s bassist, Victoria De Angelis, wore a black one-shoulder Gucci suit that left one chest of the bassist exposed, however, covered in a silver paste. After they started playing their song titled ‘Supermodel’, it appears that Victoria De Angelis’s shirt fell off her shoulder, revealing her other breast, which was missing a pill. Victoria De Angelis proceeded to play and support her band during the performance, however, MTV cut to show an irregular shot of the arena’s stadium to refrain from broadcasting the wardrobe malfunction, barely showing anything of the actual Måneskin stage. After hearing what happened, many fans were still upset and drew attention to the fact that MTV could have focused the camera around others in the performance instead of Victoria De Angelis.

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