Lupine Season 3 Coming Soon: Everything You Need To Know

Lupine, the crime thriller drama is returning soon for its third season. While the initial two seasons of the crime drama had a good response from viewers. We’re building up viewers’ excitement to see what’s going to happen in the next season of Lupine. So when will we release Lupine Season 3?

Read on to know more about Lupine Season 3 and all its latest updates.

Lupine Season 3 Release Date Announced

Both seasons of Lupine had an amazing story to watch for all viewers. Post which fans were eager for updates on the third season of the series. Fortunately, Omar Sy announced on his French Twitter account that the third season of Lupine will definitely happen.

But do we have any release date for that too? Well, no! We currently have no announcement on when the third season of Lupine will come out. We also have nothing to speculate on the release time of the same. We may have it this year or next, hopefully.

Who is in the cast of Lupine season 3?

One of the most important characters in the police thriller Lupine was Omar Sy. So, we’re definitely going to have him back to reprise his role. Also, we will have Luduvine Sagnier as Claire. While Etan Simon will return as Raoul.

You may see Antoine Gouy as Benjamin. Fargass Assande as Assane’s father could appear in a flashback. Hopefully, there are many more actors to appear on the scene. That has yet to be officially announced.

What is the plot of Lupine season 3?

We’re not sure what’s in store for Lupine season 3 though. However, we did see a bit of Pellegrini in season two being exposed. We are yet to know if he will stay in jail or if he will get out.

Also, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Omar Sy said that he is not sure about Pellegrini’s character, as his story could go either way depending on what happens in the next season. Meanwhile, we also don’t have a season 3 trailer to hint at the plot of the upcoming season. Therefore, we must wait to see what happens.

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