Love Island USA: Why are fans criticizing Bria Bryant? Explained

When it comes to drama, Love Island USA season 4 has yet to disappoint. Islanders always want to meet the person who drops a bomb, and Bria Bryant on Friday’s episode was no different.

Love Island USA fans were shocked to see Bria Bryant

On July 29, 2022, Bryce Fins and Jeff Christian, two rookies, joined the cast. Timmy, Zeta Morrison’s former partner, became envious after Jeff made a direct move on her. Love Island USA fans were shocked to see Bria, Timmy’s current partner, praising Jeff and referring to him as his type. She was the one who put Zeta in the dump zone after choosing Timmy during the reconnection phase, which left viewers feeling disappointed in her. She was now leaning towards Jeff, who felt a strong attraction to Zeta.

Bria Bryant intervened between Timmy and Zeta

The stunning Bria and her brother Chazz arrived just before Jeff and Bryce. Splitting up two couples as soon as they arrived at the resort, the brother-sister team set off a commotion. Bria intervened between Timmy and Zeta while Chazz dismantled Tyler and Sereniti’s relationship. Zeta and Bria later got into a fight over the couple’s breakup. While Bria and Timmy were supported by Love Island USA viewers, they were surprised when the former began expressing interest in Jeff. The newcomer was his type, he even admitted it to Timmy.

The following are viewers’ reactions to Bria’s actions on the most recent episode of Love Island USA 2022: Bria seemed to have been a member of the Zeta-related love triangles. Both girls like Timmy and Jeff, but still have a strong affection for the former. Timmy likes them both, as evidenced by the fact that he kissed Zeta and Bria on the same day in the most recent episode. On the July 29 episode, Timmy and Zeta shared a kiss while admitting how much they missed each other. He had some private time with Bria that night.

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