LOOK: Taylor Hawkins’ son, Oliver Shane Hawkins, performs “My Hero” on drums

Taylor Hawkin’s 16-year-old son plays “My Hero” on drums with the Foo Fighters as a tribute. The drumming played by Oliver Shane Hawkins, the son of Taylor Hawkins, was a tribute from his son to him after Taylor’s death earlier this year. Shane’s show with Foo Fighters and other celebrities was a success. By showcasing Shane’s talent on drums, he at the same time reminded everyone of the great Taylor Hawkins.

Read on to find out more about Taylor Hawkins’ son Oliver Shane Hawkins playing drums with the Foo Fighters to pay tribute to his father.

Taylor Hawkins died unexpectedly in March of this year

Taylor Hawkins, a popular American musician and rock drummer for the band Foo Fighters, was a famous artist who died in early March this year. Which no doubt left a void in the music industry, especially the Foo Fighters. However, he was recently paid a special tribute.

Taylor Hawkins
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After Taylor Hawkins’ death, he was missed by his fans as the drummer for the Foo Fighters. However, Foo Fighters recently returned on Saturday with a show with a special drummer in Taylor’s place this time that won everyone’s hearts.

Taylor Hawkins’ son Oliver Shane Hawkins played drums on “My Hero”

It was this Saturday during a show that featured a performance by Foo Fighters. That the band introduced a special new drummer to play during the show. At Wembley Stadium in London, the Foo Fighters anthem, My Hero, was played. But before the song begins, a black and white photo of Taylor Hawkins and Shane Hawkins is shown on the screen.

During the song “My Hero,” Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl introduced everyone to that night’s new drummer, Oliver Shane Hawkins. Shane is Taylor’s 16-year-old son. While Dave performed with the song My Hero. Shane played drums to pay tribute to his late father.

More about the Foo Fighters event with Shane Hawkins

As Oliver Shane Hawkins played drums, Dave went on to say that he had never seen anyone drum so hard before. The event in London just didn’t have Shane Hawkins and the Foo Fighters to light up the stage. Rather we had Travis Barker, Kesha, Paul McCartney, Wolfgang Van Halen and more.

Also, in addition to the Taylor Hawkins tribute this Saturday, the Foo Fighters are planning another one. Since they will have another tribute to Taylor Hawkins on September 27 of this year at the Kia Forum.

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