Logan Paul and KSI New PRIME Hydration “Meta Moon” flavor, how to get it? Release date

Logan Paul and foe-turned-business partner KSI are set to launch another flavor of Prime Hydration drink called “Meta Moon” this September. The announcement of his new drink came this week. Which claims that the new drink is something so good that one cannot describe it. Well, if you want to try that too. So here are the details on how you can do it.

Read on to find out more about Logan Paul and KSI introduces a new drink, Meta Moon, to everyone.

Logan Paul & KSI Prime Hydration

Although KSI and Logan Paul were enemies before. However, they later came together to form a team for their sports drink company Prime Hydration. They announced it in January of this year and even came up with five flavors for the drink. Those were namely fruit punch, orange, grape, lemon-lime, and blue raspberry.

Later in the summer of this year, they brought out another flavor of their drink as Ice Pop. All of which received very good responses from customers. However, the latest rumor is about the new drink launching this September and it has a “mystery taste” for everyone to try.

When is Prime’s Meta Moon supposed to be released?

The two social media stars reached out to announce the new flavor of Prime Hydration’s Meta Moon on social media this week on the 12th. The new drink coming from Prime Hydration is called “Meta Moon”, although the drink has not yet been released. has been released.

However, according to the ad post, it claims to taste too good for words. Therefore, everyone is eager to try this cosmic flavor of Prime Hydration drink. Which is supposed to be released on September 14. So, if you also want to get your bundle, be quick enough to get it after its official release on the 14th.

How to buy Prime’s Meta Moon drink?

Most major retailers carry Prime Hydration drinks in the UK and US. However, since the new drink, Meta Moon has not been officially launched yet. We still have to know where this new drink would be available.

Though you may prefer to check it out at your nearest Target or Kroger store to check if it’s available there. But you may need to log in to the official Prime Hydration website to know everything about the Meta Moon drink and how to drink one.

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