Lizzo’s song ‘About Damn Time’ reached No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart, share the reaction on TikTok

Lizzo, the popular singer, is freaking out over her newest achievement in “About Damn Time” by hitting the top of the Billboard chart that she shared in her latest TikTok video. Lizzo has a huge fan following around the world. While her songs make her even more favorite among all her fans. But it looks like her recent release “About Damn Time” is breaking all records.

Read on to learn more about how Lizzo celebrates “About Damn Time” hitting No. 1.

Lizzo’s song “About Damn Time” becomes popular

Lizzo over time has become really famous. Whether it’s her singing career or her clothing lines, everyone praises her all over the world. This year has been special for Lizzo as she released one of her best songs like “About Damn Time”. Lizzo’s song has a great beat and music along with amazing funky lyrics.

Don’t miss out, the song became so popular with fans that even TikTok couldn’t resist it. Numerous tiktokers continued with the song “About Damn Time” by Lizzo. However, he now has another achievement with that song that he can’t help but celebrate.

Lizzo Celebrates “About Damn Time” Hitting No. 1

Lizzo’s hit song “About Damn Time” has given her another achievement. As she is at the top of Billboard Top 100. This is not the first time that her song has got the number 1 tag on the charts. As in 2019, her single “Truth Hurts” was also at the top. Where it remained in place for seven weeks.

However, this year he shared his TikTok celebration again for “About Damn Time” at the top. He has the news to share on his TikTok with his 24.8 million followers. While looking happy to see the song reach the top. Meanwhile, fans have also reacted to Lizzo’s video.

Fans React As “About Damn Time” Hits The Top

With About Damn Time now at the top of Billboard. He has shared her happiness with all of his fans. Without a doubt, it was all thanks to the fans that Lizzo’s song managed to reach the top of Billboard.

As her fans also reacted to the singer’s celebration video. Lizzo’s fans congratulated her on her video of her on TikTok. While her fans literally shared how crazy they are about her song “About Damn Time.”

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