Lizzo Announces ‘Lizzoverse’ Intergalactic Light Show For New Album ‘Special’

Following a stream of “Lizzoverse” on Amazon Music on July 15 with Lizzo. Live performances will take place on July 16 and 17.

Lizzo announces an immersive experience with a cosmic light show

Although it has long been established that this is Lizzo’s planet and that we all simply reside on it, she now claims the entire cosmos. The 34-year-old hitmaker revealed “Lizzoverse” on July 11; is an immersive cosmic light viewing experience timed with the release of Special, her second studio album.

Lizzo shared a beautiful black and white billboard for the event on Instagram

“I’m a whole fucking universe, not a star,” he declared. Lizzo posted a stunning black and white promotional poster for the event on Instagram, where she also made the announcement. Join this once-in-a-lifetime cosmic event, where you can spend the entire weekend experiencing my new album “SPECIAL” in my intergalactic cosmos. Sponsored by American Express and performed by Superfly, the Planetarium Audiovisual Exhibit will run Saturday through Sunday from 10 am to 8 pm at Cipriani 25 Broadway in New York City. And, as Lizzo writes in her post, “Don’t worry, astronaut,” Amazon Music will stream the entire performance live on Twitch at 6pm ET on the day the Special is released. Lizzo’s heavenly announcement for “Lizzoverse,” streaming on Amazon Music’s Twitch channel on July 15:

The “Rumors” musician will also make an appearance

Lizzo just revealed the full track listing. For the new album on Wednesday. And it included some intriguing, attention-grabbing titles like “Coldplay,” “Naked,” and “Everybody’s Gay.” The livestreamed event will also include appearances by the “Rumors” musician. Like her army of backup dancers, the Big Grrrls, as well as performing every one of the 12 songs on Special. Which also contains his Hot 100 climbing hit “About Damn Time”.

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