Lauren Pefferle: Newberg School Staff Wear Blackface To Protest Vaccines!

Lauren Pefferle is a teacher at Mabel Rush Elementary School. However, she is said to have been placed on administrative leave after coming to work in blackface.
Lauren’s activities have attracted considerable attention. And many people, including those at Newberg Public School, have denounced her for being “racist.”
“Staff left immediately and Human Resources has to place the person on administrative leave. Management said in a press. Although the school chose to keep the identities of its employees secret. Therefore, the employees, who preferred anonymity, verified Lauren’s identification with the media.

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Who is Lauren Pefferle?

Lauren reportedly operates out of Mabel Rush Elementary School as a special needs assistant.

On September 17, 2021, the 41-year-old reportedly staged a blackface demonstration against the vaccination obligation. He had held positions in the institution’s Teacher Resource Center.

Apparently, Lauren “darkened her face with iodine,” claiming she looked like Rosa Parks, according to the Newberg Graphic story. Meanwhile, district spokesperson Gregg Koskela claimed during a press conference on Monday, September 20, that no students had seen the event.

the whole incident

Rosa Parks, a school employee protesting a mandatory vaccination mandate for all district employees, reported to work Friday, September 17, at Blackface at Mabel Rush Elementary School in Newberg.

One of the first people to reveal information about the event was a colleague from the institution. They identified the victim as Lauren Pefferle, a special education assistant who the district declined to identify because she was a personal concern. According to an announcement from the district, Pefferle was suspended indefinitely. It is important to note how Blackface has been using it to hurt and defame Black communities. As a society, we must acknowledge the brutality and trauma this event has caused.

Every event complaint is handled seriously. And our procedures are strict to investigate and respond appropriately. Our goal of educating children advances as we seek to provide a welcoming and safe school environment. That is free from bullying and decreases intellectual, social, and physical harm to students. Says the school authority.


Several Twitter users have weighed in on the Newberg School Blackface episode. Accusing Lauren of being a bad role model for young people. Many others are seen calling for her permanent removal from the institution.

Also, one person said Twitter, “Hoping @NewbergSchools does the right thing and remember we depend on teachers to use their position. For the betterment and must stay true to ITS, fair standards.” “#laurenpefferle is not up to the task.”

Another person chimed in and said, “Lauren Pefferle does not reflect the views of hard-working American professors. For the most part, we take our responsibilities very seriously. And we are aware of the enormous influence that our attitudes and behaviors have on our students. We owe it to our children to provide a better life.

At a news conference in Newberg, Oregon, Police Chief Joe Morelock said: “This has certainly shocked me, angered me and humiliated me. As has pretty much everyone on the team. This goes against everything the NSD and the vast number of its employees have stood for, and it certainly is disgusting disrespect.

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