Lauie Michael Tagaloa stabbed in Brisbane Trail Station video leaves the internet horrified

Lauie Tagaloa was fatally stabbed on July 11 in the Valley Metro food court near the Fortitude Valley train station. At the scene, a violent argument between two groups of boys led to the murder of the 24-year-old victim.

Surveillance video from the scene later showed that the argument turned into a fight, during which Tagaloa was cut off. The two groups of men reportedly argued and shouted insults at each other until one of them brandished a knife and threatened to hurt the other group of men.

At approximately 4:00 am, the incident occurred next to the Brisbane Mall food court. Lauie Michael Tagaloa was killed there and three of the fight’s participants apparently escaped. These people were subsequently arrested in connection with the homicide.

What is shown in the disturbing video of the stabbing of Lauie Tagaloa?

The two groups of men could be seen yelling at each other in CCTV footage that recently went viral online. One of the groups reportedly tried to defuse the situation and leave, according to the video.

Later, two men begin to fight and the video shows Lauie Tagaloa being stabbed and then falling backwards. The heavy bleeding from her knife cut around her neck caused him to fall to the ground. A witness at the scene gave the 24-year-old father first aid to rescue him as blood pooled on the ground after Tagaloa struck him. However, the efforts of the paramedics were in vain as Tagaloa died before they could revive him.

Since the event, a 20-year-old Birkdale native has been arrested on suspicion of killing Lauie Tagaloa. Two additional men involved in the event are apparently helping with the murder investigation, according to the Daily Mail UK. As of July 11, these two people have not been charged with anything related to their involvement. The main suspect, for his part, was brought before the Brisbane Magistrates’ Court on July 12 to hear the results of the accusations made against him.

Queensland Police have identified the man accused of killing Lauie Tagaloa as Seyram Kwami Djentuh, according to After the 24-year-old was killed, an alleged associate named Jordyn Cooper started a GoFundMe page to support the family of the late Tagaloa.

Internet users respond to the graphic video showing the murder of Lauie Tagaloa

The video was described as “disturbing” and “heartbreaking” by a large number of people. Many people begged people not to distribute the video.

There is no purpose in sharing this, one user commented.

This shows that blades can be MUCH more dangerous than guns, another user commented.

someone else exclaimed. Jesus Christ, is it really necessary to provide such an explicit video to explain what happened? Show some decency!

Nobody should be spreading that video of Lauie Tagaloa, one user commented. For her family to cry without having to see that over and over again, horrible.

Another person added: “RIP the guy but please don’t attack someone brandishing a gun if you’re unarmed,” referring to the Lauie Tagaloa incident.

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