Largest ransomware virus attack in history to wipe out $70 million worth of cryptocurrencies

Ransomware virus attack: In a brazen act of aggression, the Russia-linked hacker group that is known for spreading its cyber weapon around the world has been unstoppable in recent days. With no end in sight, experts are racing to stop the hackers responsible before they target other countries. A cybercriminal affiliated with the notorious REvil gang, best known for extorting $11 million from meat processor JBS after a Memorial Day attack, infected thousands of victims in at least 17 countries on Friday, largely through companies that remotely manage IT infrastructure for multiple clients. cybersecurity researchers said.

However, before this Sunday they were asking for $5 million to end this, but now they are asking for a whopping $70 million in cryptocurrencies. The hackers have said that they will post this on the dark web site, a universal decryption software that will make all infected computers restore the data they want. The FBI also stated that they are working on it, but since the infected people are large, they cannot afford to talk to everyone. President Joe Biden

he also made his intentions clear by announcing that they would be taking these investigations to a whole new level. All resources will be used to find the culprits.

Ransomware virus attack:
Ransomware virus attack:

Wide range of victims:

Thousands of companies and public organizations, including travel agencies, banks and local and federal governments, were the target of a cyberattack. Their company data has been stolen in huge amounts which has resulted in a big problem for them. Shops in Sweden, IT companies in Germany and other large companies have been affected by this cyberattack.

“People are panicking and we can’t blame them. Having your identity stolen is a huge pain,” officials said. It is now up to the hacker group to put an end to this as the government cannot handle this now.

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