Lance Bass Deleted TikTok Video Reenacting Part of Amber Heard’s Testimony After Facing Backlash

Lance Bass removed the video after receiving condemnation on social media for downplaying the abuse. Lance Bass removed his TikTok video from Amber Heard’s statement. Lance Bass shared the video Monday, including audio from Amber Heard’s defamation trial evidence, in which she alleges mistreatment at the hands of the Pirates of the Caribbean star.

Lance Bass Video Uses Amber Heard’s Testimony As Voiceover

“I was sitting there on this rug, looking at the nasty rug, wondering how I landed on this rug and why I never realized the rug was so dirty before,” recalls Amber Heard in the Lance Bass video, which uses the Amber Heard style. testimony as voiceover. Amber Heard, according to Amber Heard’s evidence.

This is what Lance Bass has decided to emotionally abuse Amber Heard

“I’ve heard of dirty pop,” Lance said in the caption, referring to NSYNC’s 2001 song “Pop.” That’s a first. He added in a statement: “In honor of the resumption of the trial… It has to be done!” Some praised Lance Bass for the video of him, while others chided him for taking domestic violence lightly. One Twitter user said on Tuesday: “This trial is about domestic violence, emotional abuse and sexual assault.” “This is what Lance Bass has decided to do. These people are hell-bent on preventing the victims from coming out again.”

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Amber Heard’s sister testified on her side

Amber Heard’s sister, a former makeup artist, and others testified on her side in Depp’s libel trial, now in its fifth week, and Amber Heard’s former friends testified under oath that they had concerns about her safety. Representatives for Lance Bass did not immediately react to EW’s request for comment. On TikTok, Lance represents Amber Heard’s testimony: “I had no choice. At Johnny Depp’s trial, Amber Heard’s sister, a former makeup artist, and others testify about key moments in Deposition. Amber Heard gives her testimony: Inside his first day of evidence in the libel trial against Johnny Depp.

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