LALISA Solo Album Hits Worldwide: Blackpink’s Album Reached Record 700K

Lisa: A Thai singer, dancer, and rapper, based in South Korea. Lalisa Manoban, called Lisa. She is one of the members of the South Korean girl group Blackpink that performs under YG Entertainment. Lisa is now the third representative of the K-Pop girl group. Lalisa debuted in 2016 as part of the girl band Blackpink.

Lisa (Blackpink)
LALISA Solo Album Hits Worldwide: Blackpink's Album Reached Record 700K

Black Pink – The girl band:

The girl band’s debut solo album The Square One, consisting of tracks like Boombayah, Whistle, was well received by K-Pop fans around the world. In it, two songs entered various local and international music charts, including Billboard’s World Digital Songs chart, China’s QQ Music, and South Korea’s Gaon.


Since August 26, Pre-Orders are being made. Now exceeds 700K pre-orders.

Die-hard Blackpink fans have learned that ‘Lalisa’ has been given permission with her real name and Thai identity. The mesmerizing star indicated the title of her single album in an Instagram post. She posted an image of a sound file with Lalisa’s name on it with a comment: ‘What’s my name?’
Pre-orders for the album come from regions all over the planet, including the US, China, Japan, Europe, and Southeast Asia, making their music global.
Now, Lisa named the highest number in pre-orders for a female solo album by a solo K-pop artist. Lisa’s debut solo album ‘Lalisa’ now ranks 3rd on the top 5 highest K-pop solo album pre-order charts in history.

YG Entertainment Statuses:

This shows her confidence and her bold aspirations show her original charm on her album.

This is the first time after 2001 that a female solo artist has sold more than 700K copies in Korea. After releasing #LISA’s solo teaser, YG Entertainment’s stock hits a new high after 8 years.
Lisa’s huge fans:
He has 58.12 million followers on Instagram; the most prominent among K-pop artists. ‘Lili Film’, his own YouTube channel, has already surpassed 8.06 million subscribers. BLACKPINK’s YouTube channel has over 64.4 million subscribers, making her the top female artist in the world. Justin Bieber, the world’s highest number of subscribers, now followed by Lisa’s number of subscribers still not exceeding 64.9 million.

The highly anticipated album, ‘LALISA’ is set to charm the world on September 10 at 1pm KST (9:30am IST).
How fascinating will this album be? One can only wait and watch.

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