Kylie Jenner shared a photo of her cuddling her new kitten on Christmas

Kylie Cosmetics founder Kylie Jenner, 24, posted a photo of herself cuddling her new kitty for Christmas, as well as a diamond bag to commemorate the silence on social media over the Astroworld tragedy. Following Travis Scott’s tragic performance on Astroworld, Kylie Jenner returned to social media after a long absence.

She shared a Boomerang video of her kitty kneading her stomach as she prepares for the birth of her second child in February 2022.

As Jenner sits by the fireplace in festive pajamas and scratches the feline’s face, the orange and white cat sits on Jenner’s tummy.

Kylie Jenner's cat

She can be seen laying next to her three-year-old daughter Stormi, watching the Celtics play basketball. She can be seen Stormi bonding well with her new pet.

The mother and daughter wore matching Christmas pajamas with festive gnome prints. Kendall Jenner was also seen in the same outfit on her Christmas Instagram story.

The next two slides show a video of the curious kitty squirming, occasionally letting out a squeak.

Christmas for Kylie

Kylie posted a flashback photo on her social media on Christmas Eve in a sexy holiday dress and sparkly holiday dress.

Her red dress had a slit up the side, through which Kris touched her bare leg as she laughed with a smile. She while she showed off her youthful figure in front of a fireplace decorated with stockings and poinsettia flowers.

She stood in front of the fireplace with her stockings and poinsettias.

When she announced her comeback on social media, Kylie captioned the photo, “Happy Christmas Eve.” Fans are wondering if Kylie gave birth because they noticed a clue in a Kardashian family video. Baby Stormi was the one wearing a mask in the photo, which some Reddit fans believe is the only one.

Kylie Jenner's cat

It was relatively quiet for Scott and Jenner this holiday season after the Astroworld Festival tragedy. More than a month after 10 concertgoers were killed during Scott’s Astroworld Festival show in Houston on November 5.

Scott, 30, and Jenner, 24, released statements at the time to mourn fans. Although the public reaction hasn’t stopped, Scott has been mainly accused of not ending the show soon enough. The lawsuit was brought by 125 Astroworld Festival attendees against Scott and rapper Drake, who performed at the show.

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