KSI Vs Swarmz Fight Date And Event Revealed: Youtuber Responds To Backlash

Internet celebrity and boxer KSI is ready to fight his new opponent Swarmz. While KSI has long been looking for a potential opponent to fight in the boxing ring. We finally have a new opponent listed for him and that is none other than Swarmz. So when is that fight supposed to happen?

Read on to know more about KSI to fight Swarmz and its other details.

KSI was going to fight Alex Wassabi in August

Boxing fans are always excited to have a strong battle in the boxing ring to watch. Therefore, KSI, one of the famous boxers, has been trying for a long time to have an opponent to fight against. As such, we previously learned that Alex Wassabi will be fighting KSI. The match was scheduled to take place in the month of August this year.

On August 27, it was decided that KSI and Alex Wassabi would fight. However, that did not happen and a new opponent would take the place of Alex Wassabi. However, it is common in the boxing world to have a boxing event rescheduled for a later date and with a new opponent.

Swarmz replaces Alex Wassabi for a fight with KSI

After the Alex Wassabi and KSI fight, there is no chance of it happening. We have a new opponent for KSI and it’s none other than Swarmz. Yes, Swarmz will have a fight with KSI now. So now KSI fans are excited again. But they are also curious to know when the fight will take place.

As Alex’s fight with KSI did not happen because of the former’s injury. Boxing fans have been trying to figure out if now Swarmz and KSI will fight on the same day as the Alex Wassabi vs KSI fight date or not. So is it true that there is no rescheduling of the new fight? This is what we know about it.

When will the KSI vs Swarmz fight take place?

The new boxing battle between KSI and Swarmz will take place on the same date as the fight between Alex Wassabi and KSI. Yes, therefore, boxing fans would be watching the duos battle on August 27. The venue is the O2 Arena in London.

So hopefully we don’t have a reschedule for the new fight with Swarmz. As the fans would get it on the same day. Meanwhile, fans were even eager for KSI to fight Jake Paul. However, that did not happen for sure. As KSI he had Swarmz as a replacement for Wassabi.

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